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Computex Taipei 2017
  • The IT tradeshow this year runs from May 30-June 3 with over 1,600 exhibitors and 5,010 booths. The show features 4 exhibition areas: SmarTEX, InnoVEX, iStyle, and Gaming & VR.

    Last update: Monday 3 July 2017 [56 items]

  • Digitimes Research: Computex 2017 keeps VR/AR momentum going

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 3, 09:34

    The global VR/AR campaigns that began in 2016 continued into the recently concluded Computex 2017, highlighted by a slew of VR devices for high-end business applications, VR backpacks wirth wireless connections, and also AR-enabled smartphones targeting the consumer market, according to Digitimes Research.

  • Business collaboration issues are hot in COMPUTEX; team+ realizes high-performance business communication & collaboration

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 7, 10:42

    team+ has been invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to attend the largest international exhibition, the “Taipei International Information Technology Show (COMPUTEX Taipei)”. As the gold medal winner of the APICTA communication award and the APEC mobile-commerce team winner, we exhibited our “team+...

  • ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform extends a range of IoT applications

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 7, 10:39

    Taiwan’s leading global ICT annual event, COMPUTEX, which focused on IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications and business solutions, successfully concluded last week. ThroughTek, IoT cloud platform provider that registered as Taiwan’s first IoT company on the Emerging Stock Board, demonstrated its smart home,...

  • Mobile and IoT technologies integrated with AI features to enable data driven solutions

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 12:48

    Computex Taipei has long been one of the most important tradeshows worldwide for engineers and executrives in ICT industries. On May 31, 2017, Digitimes hosted Computex 2017 Mobile and IoT technology forum, featuring speakers from various sectors to share their views of the future of IoT technology leveraging artificial...

  • Taiwan ICT industry gaining momentum with growing connected car technology investments

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 12:23

    Consumers are connected anywhere and anytime through their smartphones or other mobile devices. They rely on that connectivity to get the latest information. Such a trend is spreading to automotive world. The race to build the smart connected car, and ultimately the self-driving vehicle, is already under way. The telematics...

  • Gigabyte unveils the X299 Aorus Gaming motherboards

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:42

    Gigabyte Techonology, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has unveiled at Computex 2017 their latest motherboard series built on the Intel X299 enthusiast platform. Marked with the Aorus brand the new X299 Aorus Gaming motherboards are here to exceed expectations, this is apparent just by glancing...

  • ShareTech next-gen UTM NU-880 makes management simple

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:41

    As a leading network security appliances vendor in Taiwan, ShareTech has been focusing on technology innovation that delivers SMBs real quality and value. NU-880H (next-generation UTM) adopts best-in-class quad-core x86 CPU platform and fiber module to deliver exceptional performance and intelligent network security features...

  • Act Power reveals Project-X at Computex 2017

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:40

    This year at Computex, Act Power has revealed the Project-X series of developer boards. This ground breaking new concept of developer boards will not just allow you to develop an idea, but it will allow you to take this idea straight to production without the need of changing the hardware.

  • team+ IT security for business communications and collaborations against global outbreak of ransomware

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:39

    Global IT security suffered a serious blow in May. Following the phishing attack on Google documents via false App link, the globally epidemic ransomware named WannaCry has caused vast infections to Windows devices. It is reported that over a hundred nations have been hacked. World-renowned enterprises and organizations...

  • I-PEX ISH automotive SMT heavy duty connectors

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:38

    There are many consumer-related technological trends entering the automotive market in the past few decades: LED lighting, LCD/OLED displays, WiFi, Bluetooth, to name a few. I-PEX Connectors are known for connecting these consumer-based devices. Those devices are much smaller in the consumer market, so are the connectors...

  • Shuttle unveils new variety of mini PCs

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:38

    Shuttle is displaying digital signage and self-service kiosk applications, including multi-display video wall, vending machines, and two Instagram (IG) printing machines, at Computex 2017. In addition, two new mini PCs for VR gaming, cloud-based warehouse tracking and smart long-term care solution will be demonstrated...

  • Colorful iGame Z270 Ymir-X motherboard transcends to new level

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:38

    China's leading motherboard brand Colorful Technology will highlight its iGame gaming series at Computex 2017, aiming to deliver the ultimate user experiences to professional e-sports gamers. The product series showcased at Computex this year is an indication of Colorful's rigorous attitude concerning e-sports gamers'...

  • Don't miss ASRock's new X299, AM4, and Micro-STX line up at Computex 2017

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 10:01

    The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is pleased to announce exciting new products for Computex 2017. ASRock will be demonstrating new DIY motherboards including its highly anticipated Intel X299 platform and Mini-ITX AM4 boards, as well as Micro-STX Mini PCs and the X10 IoT Router. ASRock welcomes visitors...

  • StorArt Technology announces the release of NVMe SSD controller with PCIe interface solution

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:58

    StorArt Technology, a leading NAND flash controller solution provider, announced the launch of its NVMe-1.2 SSD controller, SA3801, with PCIe3.0x2 lanes providing 2GB/s interface, high-bandwidth, IOPS and low-latency performance.

  • LoRa gathers steam: TUV Rheinland forges ahead on IoT communications technology

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:57

    The coming of IoT (Internet of Things) has seen the smart city become a key field for IoT development. Many developed cities around the world, including Taipei, have responded to the requirements of a fast-changing society by making "smart city" a key objective in their development plans. Several wireless communications...

  • Smart car technologies are rapidly progressing and industry leaders are investing heavily in IoT technologies

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:56

    Business Insider estimates 94 million connected cars to ship in 2021, which represents approximately 82% of all cars shipped that year alone. There are currently two types of ways cars are connected. Embedded cars utilize a built-in radio and antenna connecting to local cellular networks. Tethered cars use a wireless...

  • Focusing on the automotive OE market, Lite-On grabs connected car opportunities with strong competence

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:55

    As the applications of connected cars surge rapidly, Lite-On Technology, which has been deeply rooting in the automotive OE (original equipment) market for almost 40 years, aggressively leverages its existing technology advantages and group synergies to move into the development of key products, including ADAS, T-Box,...

  • Trigence showcasing pure digital audio solutions at Computex 2017

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:54

    Trigence Semiconductor is a global leader that develops advanced digital audio technology. At Computex Taipei 2017, Trigence Semiconductor will be showcasing product applications of its "Pure Digital" Dnote audio solution. Pete Birch, Chief Executive Officer of Trigence Semiconductor, talked about the prospects of Dnote...

  • WIME HT520/525 Heart Rate Monitor Watches care for your health

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:54

    WIME has been manufacturing unique and stylish smartwatches that are enthusiastically embraced by leading European brands since 2009. Following the launch of its own brand in 2013, WIME is introducing the new HT525 HRM smartwatch in 2017, which integrates heart rate monitor, pedometer and communication functions as well...

  • Computex 2017: QNAP showcases live video broadcasting, QIoT technology, optimized NAS solutions for business storage, enterprise storage center, multimedia workflows, and more compelling new products

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 1, 09:53

    At Computex Taipei 2017, QNAP Systems, Inc. (at Booth J1217) demonstrated multiple highly-anticipated features that leverage the QNAP NAS private-cloud infrastructure, including the live-streaming platform "DJ2 Live" and the IoT development app "QIoT Suite Lite", along with a wide range of NAS solutions that help tackle...

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