Sat, Aug 13, 2022
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Wednesday 23 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Upcoming firms prepare innovative designs while Taiwan dominates chipmaking
NIO is preparing to design phones that interact with its cars, and to implement those phones in-house. ASE hopes that its negotiations will yield an agreement to make 5G chips for iPhones. Taiwan foundries already produce 65% of the world's chips, but soon they might produce more than 70%.
Wednesday 23 February 2022
Industry watch: Semiconductor industry turning point beyond 2025
TSMC dominates the global market with 90% share in 7nm and 5nm nodes. TSMC has taken initiatives that will allow it to own about 100 units of pricey EUV equipment by the end of 2022. This suggests TSMC still keep competitors at bay in terms of revenues and profits, coupled with advantages in prior depreciation & amortization of assets and R&D expenses.
Tuesday 22 February 2022
Highlights of the day: TSMC sees strong sub-7nm orders
Almost all major US clients who can afford TSMC's advanced manufacturing processes have placed orders with the Taiwan-based foundry for its sub-7nm nodes. TSMC reportedly wil also be the foundry partner of Apple's AR headset. And panel maker AUO is gearing up efforts for LTPS automotive displays.
Monday 21 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Major firms are investing in both mature and cutting-edge technologies
Chip manufacturers are moving their fabrication of automotive chips from 8-inch wafer fabs to 12-inch wafer fabs. Acer is investing in a blockchain firm with NFT ambitions. Infineon is building semiconductor factories in Malaysia.
Monday 21 February 2022
Industry watch: Unicorns from Africa
According to CB Insights, there are more than 900 unicorn companies worldwide, with seven in Africa, four of which appeared during January-September 2021. The funds collected by African startups during first-half 2021 were more than the sum accumulated during 2015-2018.
Friday 18 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Industrial capex brings prosperity to many firms
Power management IC makers do not want to spend lots of money on scarce 12-inch wafers. Innodisk will break ground on a new facility in Ilan. Many firms that can supply factories stand to prosper greatly when TSMC buys their goods and services to build its new factories.
Friday 18 February 2022
Industry watch: Intel's acquisition of Tower heating up semiconductor race
The Israeli government will not object to Intel's plan to purchase Israel-based Tower Semiconductor for US$5.4 billion, as this is an expansion of Intel's investment in Israel. If we consider issues such as car connectivity and information security, Israel may be the next major semiconductor hub, in addition to Taiwan. What the Americans are looking for is a stable supply chain. They do not necessarily want to beat TSMC, but they want to have a stable and reliable production system beyond TSMC.
Thursday 17 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Capacities and costs soar, cars get smart
Because ABF substrates are in great demand, Kinsus is investing in expanding its ABF substrate production capacity. Foundries have been raising their prices steadily, but that trend might come to an end soon because customers are not so willing to accept further price hikes. Jaguar Land Rover is partnering with Nvidia to make cars so smart that they can drive themselves.
Wednesday 16 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Despite tight supplies of microchips and lithium batteries, tech firms promise AR, XR
Western Digital is raising the price of NAND flash products. Tesla will soon deliver electric vehicles with the new 4680 lithium battery. Numerous tech firms all around the world are anticipated to intensify their efforts to develop augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR).
Wednesday 16 February 2022
Industry watch: Strategic moves among wafer players
The wafer foundry business is a highly concentrated industry in terms of revenue, with the top-10 players accounting for 98.4% and the top-5 for nearly 90% of global contribution ratio. It is apparent that in this capital-intensive, technology-intensive sector where tight relationships with clients are important, one could not dominate the market without multiple competitive edges.
Tuesday 15 February 2022
Highlights of the day: The world desperately wants more microchips
Many companies have tried and failed to make microchips in India. Undeterred, Vedanta seeks a partnership with Foxconn to make chips in India. In Taiwan, Compal and Inventec are failing to ship their products on time because they cannot source components on time. Supply chain disruptions are plaguing just about everyone, including power management IC makers, who are struggling to manage their inventories while serving their customers.
Tuesday 15 February 2022
Industry watch: Semiconductor opportunities and competition
Semiconductors are hitting a big time. The revenue of publicly listed semiconductor companies in Taiwan reached US$166.9 billion in 2021, with a remarkable growth rate of 33.1%. Nicky Lu, chairman of Etron, has said he sees "multi trillions" in the semiconductor industry. We are witnessing a new era approaching, when the density of transistors per square millimeter will exceed one trillion and the semiconductor market size is expected to surpass US$1 trillion dollars. TSMC has disclosed that the capital expenditure in 2022 will exceed US$40 billion dollars. We can also estimate in which year, the accumulated capital expenditure of the semiconductor industry will go over US $1 trillion in the 2020s, under the active expansion momentum of the leading foundries.
Monday 14 February 2022
Highlights of the Day: Screens, wafers and a scramble to deploy EVs
Taiwan's firms are abuzz with activity. OLED vendors are competing fiercely to get access to the production capacity they need to deliver their screens to smartphone manufacturers. Winbond's Kaohsiung factory is gearing up to deliver wafers to eager customers. Numerous firms are trying to participate in the overwhelming trend toward electric vehicles.
Friday 11 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Redoubled efforts in chip manufacturing begin to pay off
Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturers face grave challenges, but have only intensified their efforts to produce and deliver chips. Loosening labor restrictions are motivating Taiwanese companies to hire foreign workers. Time will tell whether this infusion of talent will effectively boost industrial production of semiconductors. Although chip foundries have big plans for expansion of their facilities, the chaos in international transportation and business caused by fear of the COVID-19 virus has delayed the best-laid plans of business leaders. Foxconn has stirred hope by saying that the chip shortage is already improving and will continue to improve, despite some tough challenges.
Thursday 10 February 2022
Highlights of the day: Taiwanese manufacturers mark successful exports and set sights on new goals
Taiwanese manufacturers celebrated strong sales but were not resting on their laurels. Rather than becoming complacent with its current success, TSMC is courting future business. Memory chipmakers are already raking in profits in the first quarter of this year. New requirements set by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project have stimulated manufacturers to prepare for smart products that fly everywhere from earth's orbit to the skies above smart cities.