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  • Norishige Morimoto, director of IBM Research inTokyo and global VP at IBM
    IBM is set to commercialize its quantum computers in the next 3-5 years, when they can outperform existing supercomputers in terms of computing capability in some specific domains, according to Norishige Morimoto, director of IBM Research in Tokyo and global vice president at IBM.
  • Taiwan AOI (automated optical inspection) specialist Machvision has seen efforts of its Bethel Unicorn Incubator Center gradually pay off, with two out of four startups incubated planning IPO launches, according to company chairman Collin Wang.
  • Xiaomi has reported higher than expected revenues of CNY43.76 billion (US$6.33 billion) for the first quarter of 2019, increasing 27.2% from a year earlier.
  • Taiwan suppliers of servers and network communication modules have seen orders mount significantly as their clients in the US and Europe have moved to boost ratios of shipments from Taiwan and reduce those for China-sourced shipments amid the escalating US-China trade war, according to industry sour...
  • LG develops AI chip

    May 20, 11:28
    As part of its strategy to accelerate the development of AI devices for the home, LG has developed its own artificial intelligence (AI) chip with proprietary LG Neural Engine to mimic the neural network of the human brain to improve the processing of deep learning algorithms.
  • TWCC
    The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has announced the beginning of trial operation of Taiwania 2, a domestically developed AI supercomputer, and the inauguration of Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC).
  • taiwan medical care
    The availability of quality medical resources is one of Taiwan's most powerful competitiveness, but how the resources can be better utilized to not only take care of the health of residents in the country but also rake in more foreign exchanges through serving patients abroad has attracted growing...
  • ioeXnetwork founder and CEO Aryan Hung
    Blockchain technology can be applied to diverse industries in the future, but it should be playing a supporting role rather than a leading one, according to Aryan Hung, founder and CEO of ioeXnetwork, a Taiwan startup dedicated to serving a decentralized peer-to-peer network blockchain ecosystem.
  • Qisda's production lines with collaborative robots and workers
    EMS provider Qisda has disclosed it has seen 74% in improvement in production efficiency from adopting collaborative robots for production lines at its factory in northern Taiwan, with about 30 workers originally assigned for a production line reduced to 12-15 ones.
  • Quanta chairman Barry Lam and vice chairman CC Leung
    Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam, commenting on the US government's announcement of extending the 25% tariff to notebooks and smartphones imported from China, has pointed out that makers moving production lines out of China to avoid the tax will still encounter rising costs if they fail to obtain...
  • Collaborative robots (cobots) are emerging as key automation tool in the Industry 4.0 era and enjoy greater growth potentials than traditional industrial robots, as they are flexible, lightweight and easy to program and move, and can better cater to the automation needs of small- and medium-size enterprises...
  • Google, striving to provide AI-based accessibility services as one of its core missions, has unveiled three accessibility projects that help people with disabilities at its just-concluded annual developer conference, as part of the firm's efforts to develop new products and features for its next billion...
  • server
    Taiwan makers of servers, wireless networking communications equipment and desktop motherboards are stepping up relocation of production lines from China to Southeast Asia or back to their home country, prompted by the US raising tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese imports to 25% from 10% starting...
  • TAO Info CEO Alex Hsu
    If data collected from production process can be well concatenated, then problems affecting production efficiency can be quickly spotted through big data analysis, according to Alex Hsu, CEO of TAO Info, a Taiwan startup dedicated to offering data analytics to help manufacturers diagnose their production...
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressing at Google I/O 2019
    While unveiling optimized services for Google Lens and Duplex on the web for voice recognition, and also touting other AI and AR technologies, Google also unveiled its high-performance Pixel 3a series products and the smart home device Nest Hub Max at Google I/O 2019.
  • Adlink Technology chairman Jim Liu
    Smart manufacturing plants will materialize faster with commercialization of 5G mobile communication technologies, and edge computing will play a leading role in the materialization process, according to Jim Liu, chairman of Adlink Technology, a Taiwan-based IPC maker and IoT solutions specialist.
  • Having become the world's largest TV panel supplier both in terms of unit and area shipments recently, BOE Technology has also enriched its portfolios for a wide range of smart IoT and medical applications, according to industry sources.
  • Digitimes president Colley Hwang
    Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook are five major Internet service providers of the US. Their relationships with China have gradually turned from collaborations to confrontations, as the country has been citing national security or the need to grow local enterprises to bar the US firms from...
  • Huawei is moving at full throttle to develop public cloud services, which may pose threats to Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud and reshuffle China's supply market for public cloud servers, according to industry sources.
  • Taiwan-based makers' development of self-driving solutions focus on shuttle buses along fixed routes within closed or semi-closed areas such as amusement parks and airports.
  • Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam
    AI will usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Taiwan must manage to develop a solid presence in the AI era that will persist into the next decades, Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam told Digitimes in a recent interview. He vowed that his company will strive to become a leader in the AI sec...
  • wiwynn
    Taiwan-based server maker Wiwynn managed to score better shipment and profit performances in the first quarter of 2019 than a year earlier despite overall weak market sentiment reflected by Intel's lackluster revenue performance for its data center group (DCG) business in the quarter.
  • Coretronic has diversified its operations beyond its core business of backlight unit (BLU) production to include others such as cloud service, robot manufacturing and mixed reality products as it seeks to sustain long-term growth, according to company chairman Wade Chang.
  • The PC market used to cater mainly to white-collar workers, with manufacturers relying mostly on HP and Dell. The traditional PC and handset assembly sector remains a stable supply chain with the US still being the largest market. Currently, Taiwan still accounts for 80% of the worldwide notebook manufacturing,...
  • Structural transformation of Taiwan's industry is just kicking off following a three-year implementation of the "5+2" industrial innovation program, and whether the budding development of tech innovations and AI software can grow into a "big tree" involves many challenges ahead, according to Audrey...

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