Energy and transportation are both crucial parts of national infrastructure, and both have undergone smart revolutions in recent years. Both the government and industries hope to bolster data value and improve system efficiency with the introduction of new technology. However, technologies for energy and transportation have undergone years of development, and it is not easy to subvert existing mindsets and operating models. Equipment suppliers and systems integrators will not only need powerful technical capabilities but also professional experience in relevant fields.

Regarding the energy sector, the global environment has changed drastically in recent years, energy creation, energy storage, and energy conservation have become the focus of smart technology in this field. Equipment and system operators must provide both software and hardware management solutions to help field managers create efficient and useful energy platforms. In terms of transportation, the focus of smart technology development has been on not only recognition computing functions for electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles but also the connection among vehicles or between vehicles and the environment. Businesses must develop real-time and highly stable transmission computing networks so that the efficiency and safety of smart transportation systems can meet people’s needs. With the adoption of 5G technology, demand for the integration of transportation and power grid systems will also increase, and the integration process itself will face different challenges.

Chenbro, FSP, Coretronic, JPC, and ADLINK, five companies comprising a strategic alliance, are all experts in different fields and leaders in terms of both technology and experience. By working together across different fields, these five companies were able to complement one another, help other companies construct suitable and efficient smart systems, and play to their strengths in the competitive market to capture the business opportunities of the next generation.