Taipei, Sunday, July 31, 2016 09:51 (GMT+8)

CGN Solar Energy Development to procure 900MWp of PV modules, say reports

Jul 29, 10:25

China-based state-run CGN Solar Energy Development will set up 10 model PV power-generating stations with total installation capacity of 500MWp and eight ordinary stations with that of 400MWp in China and thus will procure PV modules via open tender. 25 PV module suppliers will participate in the open-bid,...

China imports 71,000 tons of polysilicon in 1H16

Jul 28, 15:33

China imported 71,000 tons of polysilicon for making solar wafers in the first half of 2016, increasing 18.1% on year, according to industry sources.

ET Solar, LONGi set up joint venture for PV module marketing

Jul 27, 11:23

China-based PV module maker and PV EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contractor ET Solar and mono-Si solar wafer maker Xi'an LONGi Silicon Materials have established a joint venture specifically for marketing the former's mono-Si PV modules mainly in overseas market, according to industry...


State Power Investment procures 2.75GWp of PV modules

Jul 27, 11:16

China's state-run State Power Investment, the largest PV power generation investor in China, has recently procured 2.75GWp of PV modules via open-bid competition, according to industry sources.

China may lower target PV installation capacity in 13th 5-year plan

Jul 26, 11:12

The China government, in response to waste of electricity generated by PV power stations that could not be on grid due to insufficient local power grids, is likely to downward adjust the target total PV installation capacity of 150GWp in the 13th Five-year (2016-2020) National Development Plan, according...

Latin America on track to install 2.7GW of solar-PV capacity in 2016, IHS says

Jul 21, 12:14

Across Latin America, public tenders for photovoltaic (PV) projects are raising the pulse of the market, but challenges remain. A recent spike in new solar installations in Latin America is putting the region on track to reach 2.7 gigawatts (GW) of installed photovoltaic (PV) module capacity in 2016,...

Green Energy Technology obtains Taiwan patent for wafer-processing solution

Jul 20, 12:32

Solar-grade polycrystalline silicon wafer maker Green Energy Technology (GET) on July 19 announced that it has obtained a patent for an in-house-developed etching solution and method of surface roughening of silicon substrates, and an etching technology for processing surface of silicon wafers, from...

Green Energy Technology

China market: PV installations in 1H16 estimated at 20GWp

Jul 19, 12:23

The total PV installation capacity for PV power-generating stations and distributed PV systems established in China in the first half of 2016 is preliminarily estimated at 20GWp, according to China-based media reports.

EU finds 3 more China PV module makers in breach of MIP agreement

Jul 13, 20:08

The European Union (EU) has notified the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) that it has removed three more China-based PV module makers from the MIP (minimum import price) framework because they have violated the agreement signed by the EU and...

China PV module makers cut output

Jul 13, 12:16

Some China-based PV module makers have reduced output, while others will do so due to high inventory levels, according to industry sources.

CGN Solar to set up PV power station under China pilot program

Jul 12, 11:51

CGN Solar Energy Development, an affiliate of state-run China General Nuclear Power Group, will establish the first PV power station under a government pilot program in 2016, according to industry sources.

Delta Electronics revenues increase in June

Stockwatch - Jul 11, 15:38

Delta Electronics has reported consolidated revenues of NT$17.874 billion (US$555.02 million) for June 2016, increasing 0.5% on month and 5% on year.

SAS June revenues hit record

Jul 11, 10:56

Solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) posted consolidated revenues of NT$2.765 billion (US$85.3 million) for June, an historic high, with growth of 10.53% on month and 6.47% on year, NT$7.550 billion for the second quarter, rising 6.48% on quarter and 6.02%...

Motech Industries, Neo Solar Power June revenues down sequentially

Stockwatch - Jul 11, 10:47

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Motech Industries has reported consolidated revenues of NT$2.825 billion (US$87.2 million) for June, slipping 4.81% on month but growing 32.27% on year, while fellow maker Neo Solar Power had those of NT$1.257 billion dipping 26.11% on month and 30.45% on year.

Japan to cancel restrictions on PV module brands for setting up PV power-generating stations

Jul 7, 15:33

The Japan government plans to amend current regulations in August 2016 to cancel the requirement that applicants looking to establish PV power-generating stations or PV systems list brands and specifications of PV modules to be used. The change is expected to increase total PV installations in Japan...

GET, Gintech Energy June revenues down on month, up on year

Jul 7, 14:40

Solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer maker Green Energy Technology (GET) on July 6 reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.273 billion (US$39.3 million) for June, decreasing 26.33% on month but increasing 10.43% on year, while crystalline silicon solar cell maker Gintech Energy reported NT$1.434 billion,...

University team develops technology to recycle solar cell waste

Jul 1, 11:26

The Department of Resources Engineering under National Cheng Kung University has developed oily slurry recycling technology to process waste from crystalline silicon solar cell production.

GET may see operating loss in July

Jun 30, 10:49

Solar wafer maker Green Energy Technology (GET) is likely to see business operation swing from profitability to operating loss in July 2016 due to drops in product price, company president Swean Lin said at a shareholders meeting on June 29.

Tatung to complete 60MWp PV installation in Taiwan by end of 2016

Jun 30, 10:12

Own-brand electric machinery and consumer electronics maker Tatung has so far completed PV systems with total installation capacity of 50MWp in Taiwan and will install another 10MWp by the end of 2016, according to the company senior vice president Lin Hur-long.

GDDC running PV power-generating station in New Jersey

Jun 29, 21:08

GD Development (GDDC), a Taiwan-based company engaged in investment, construction, operation and maintenance of PV power-generating stations, has completed a PV station in Lumberton Township, New Jersey State, in the US. Operations began in April 2016, according to the company.

SAS yet to see China demand rebound

Jun 29, 11:42

Solar wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) has not yet seen rebounding orders from China-based clients although China has set target installation capacity of 18.1GWp for PV power-generating stations to be established in the country in 2016, according to company president Doris Hsu.

SAS president Doris Hsu

TSEC raises capital

Stockwatch - Jun 28, 11:48

Solar cell maker TSEC has announced that it has finished raising additional paid-in capital of NT$900 million (US$27.7 million) through issuing 75 million new shares for sale at NT$12 per share, with the funds to be mainly used to expand production capacity.

Solartech to expand PV module capacity

Jun 27, 11:14

Solartech Energy will expand annual PV module production capacity from 60MWp currently to 120MWp, or 180MWp if demand is strong, by the end of 2016, company chairman and CEO Liu Kong-hsin said at a shareholders' meeting on June 24.

Solartech Energy chairman and CEO Liu Kong-hsin

Taiwan sets 2025 target renewable energy installation capacity at 27.423GW

Jun 24, 15:31

The Bureau of Energy under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, in line with the Taiwan government's goal of no nuclear power generation in 2025, has set a target total installation capacity of 27.423GW for all types of renewable energy by 2025, 2.19 times the level set a few years ago.

Gigastorage expects solar-grade silicon wafer operations to turn profitable in 1Q17

Jun 24, 14:37

Gigastorage expects its solar-grade silicon wafer operations to swing from the red into profitability beginning the first quarter of 2017, company chairman Jimmy Chen said at the 2016 shareholders meeting on June 23.

Neo Solar Power unveils 3 high-efficiency solar cell models

Jun 23, 20:54

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Neo Solar Power has unveiled Hello 22, a N-type HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin film) monocrystalline solar cell, Black 21, a P-type PERC (passivated emitter and rear cell) monocrystalline cell, and Black 21-BiFi, a double-side model of Black 21, according...

Canadian Solar, Flextronics to jointly set up PV module factory in Brazil, says Absolar

Jun 22, 14:30

China-based PV module maker Canadian Solar and Flextronics International will jointly invest US$80 million to set up a PV module factory with annual production capacity of 360MWp in Brazil, with production to begin in 2016, according to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar).

DoC imposes tariffs on China-made SolarCity PV modules

Jun 22, 12:52

The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has made a final decision to uphold SolarWorld's petition that PV modules consisting of HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) solar cells produced by Silevo - a US-based PV module maker acquired by US-based PV installation undertaker SolarCity in 2014, -...

Inventec solar cell subsidiaries to expand capacity

Jun 21, 11:33

Notebook ODM Inventec has announced total investment of NT$2 billion (US$61.7 million) for its subsidiaries, Inventec Solar Energy and E-Ton Solar Tech, to expand their solar cell production capacity.

GCL System Integration Technology to raise funds of up to CNY3.346 billion

Jun 20, 12:11

China-based solar-grade polycrystalline silicon wafer maker GCL System Integration Technology will raise additional paid-in capital of up to CNY3.346 billion (US$509 million) through issuing up to 700 million new shares for private placement by up to 10 target investors, according to the company.

NSP expects consolidated revenues to rebound in 2H16, says chairman

Jun 17, 10:43

Solar cell maker Neo Solar Power (NSP) expects consolidated revenues to rebound in the second half of 2016, company chairman Quincy Lin said at a shareholders meeting on June 16.

Tainergy Tech to expand solar cell capacity at Vietnam factory

Jun 17, 10:23

Solar cell maker Tainergy Tech will expand annual production capacity at its factory in Vietnam from 400MWp currently to 600MWp in August and further to 800MWp by the end of 2016, according to the company.

PV module prices crucial to China 2016 target installation capacity

Jun 16, 10:53

Whether China can reach the target installation capacity of 18.1GWp it has set for PV power-generating stations established in 2016 depends on return on investment, which in turn hinges on PV module prices, according to industry sources.

PV demand to peak in 4Q16, says Gintech president

Jun 14, 14:14

As the China government has set target installation capacity of 18.1GWp for PV power-generating stations to be established in 2016, PV demand is expected to significantly rebound in August and peak in the fourth quarter, said president Pan Wen-whe for Taiwan-based solar cell maker Gintech Energy at...

Gintech Energy president Pan Wen-whe

PV demand to rebound in August, says Motech chairman

Jun 14, 14:11

As the China government has set target installation capacity of 18.1GWp for PV power-generating stations to be established in 2016, PV demand is expected to significantly rebound in August and remain strong until first-quarter 2017, said chairman and CEO Chang Peng-heng for Taiwan-based solar cell...

Motech Industries chairman and CEO Chang Peng-heng

Delta Electronics reports increased revenues for May

Stockwatch - Jun 8, 15:23

Delta Electronics has reported consolidated revenues of NT$17.785 billion (US$552.42 million) for May 2016, representing a 5% increase on month and 10% increase on year.

China PV silver paste makers see rising global market share in 1Q16

Jun 8, 14:44

China-based PV silver paste makers together shipped over 15 metric tons for a global market share of about 10% in the first quarter of 2016, with the shipment volume hiking about 50% on quarter, according to industry sources.

Taiwan PV makers to set up module JV

Jun 7, 16:03

Several Taiwan-based PV makers plan to establish a joint venture in Taiwan to produce PV modules mainly for the domestic market, according to industry sources.

Giga Solar revenues down sequentially in May

Jun 7, 12:09

PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.357 billion (US$41.6 million) for May, slipping 10.12% on month but growing 19.44% on year, and those of NT$7.421 billion for January-May increased 46.98% on year.

NSP, Gintech see increased May revenues

Jun 7, 11:59

Solar cell makers Neo Solar Power (NSP) and Gintech Energy have reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.701 billion (US$52.2 million) and NT$1.634 billion respectively for May, with the former increasing 9.94% on month and 4.73% on year and the latter growing 4.94% on month and 32.30% on year.

SAS, GET post mixed sequential growth in May revenues

Stockwatch - Jun 6, 11:03

Solar-grade crystalline silicon wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) had consolidated revenues of NT$2.502 billion (US$76.7 million) for May growing 9.60% on month and 10.45% on year, while fellow maker Green Energy Technology (GET) booked revenues of NT$1.728 billion decreasing 2.93% on...

Solartech Energy, Danen Technology post mixed sequential growth in May revenue

Jun 2, 10:57

Solartech Energy and Danen Technology on June 1 reported consolidated revenues of NT$933 million (US$28.6 million) and NT$156 million respectively for May, with the former decreasing 13.65% on month but increasing 31.87% on year and the latter growing 1.40% on month and 29.39% on year.

TSEC sets NT$12.00 price for new shares

Stockwatch - Jun 1, 13:36

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker TSEC on May 31 set a unit price of NT$12.00 (US$0.368) for the 75 million new shares to be issued to increase paid-in capital, with the sales price 20.8% discounted from the closing price of NT$15.15 per share on the day, according to the company.

Anji Technology looks to PV demand in Taiwan

May 31, 14:35

Anji Technology has extended its business operation from producing PV modules to investment in establishing and operating distributed PV systems in Taiwan.

China solar cell capacity expansion raises overesupply concern

May 30, 16:02

China-based makers are setting up additional production capacities for solar cells in China and overseas, but the China government has not yet set the target for PV installation capacity for second-half 2016. The capacity expansion and uncertainty about demand in China have raised concerns about global...

Gintech Energy obtains NT$500 million joint lending

May 30, 10:23

Crystalline silicon solar cell maker Gintech Energy has signed with three local banks for a syndicated loan of NT$500 million (US$15.4 million), to be used to expand overseas production capacity, according to the company.

Global solar wafer demand, prices to fall in 2H16, says GCL-Poly Energy CEO

May 25, 16:00

While there was tight global supply of solar wafers in fourth-quarter 2015 and first-quarter 2016, global demand is expected to decrease and thus prices will slip in the second half of 2016, according to China-based solar wafer maker GCL-Poly Energy Holdings CEO Zhu Zhanjun at SNEC PV Power Expo taking...

NSP to shut down PV module factory in Taiwan

Stockwatch - May 25, 11:29

Solar cell maker Neo Solar Power (NSP) has announced that it will close a PV module factory in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, at the end of May.

Poly-Si solar wafers to remain competitive over next 5 years, says GCL-Poly Energy CTO

May 24, 15:58

For solar wafers, poly-Si models will remain competitive over the next five years by using black silicon technology to hike energy conversion rates as well as enlarged crystal-growing furnaces and diamond saws to reduce wafer production cost, according to CTO Won Yao-peng for China-based solar wafer...

Abnormal cost hinders China PV development, says Trina Solar chairman

May 24, 15:49

To secure healthy development in establishing and operating PV power stations in China, it is necessary to eliminate abnormal costs, according to chairman and CEO Gao Jifan for China-based PV module maker Trina Solar.

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