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Tuesday 25 January 2022
Fibocom joins IMC to accelerate digital transformation with IoT
Fibocom, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of IoT modules that ease the configuration of remote devices for communication, has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC), the world's largest trade association serving the IoT sector. Fibocom offers modules with a range of communications modes for product makers looking to embed devices with communications, including 5G, LTE, LP-WAN, and satellite. For its part, the IMC's rank-and-file membership is comprised of 25,000 qualified product makers and enterprise users that deploy IoT solutions on every continent.

"We intend to build awareness that deploying IoT devices is now more seamless than ever before, and we look at the IMC as an excellent platform to do that," says Dan Schieler, SVP of the Overseas IoT Sales Department at Fibocom, who will represent the company on the IMC Bord of Governors, "We also look forward to collaborating with other IMC Board companies that provide IoT solutions to explore opportunities in this growing technology sector."

Fibocom has recently introduced a range of new products that support 5G for high bandwidth and low latency, CBRS for private networks, and automotive V2X communications. This should fit well with IMC's membership, which covers 27 different vertical markets of application, including many using high-end solutions like automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare services. Roughly 35% of IMC members are in North America, 25% in Europe, and 25% in Asia. "We look to the IMC help us expand our footprint, both in terms of geography and vertical markets," says Schieler.

"Fibocom's emphasis on cutting-edge technology is welcomed at the IMC, and we look forward to gaining insight from their perspective," says Kim Bybjerg, IMC Chairman and VP, Head of Continental Europe at Tata Communications, "We are also pleased to add to our IMC Board representation in China, which of course is one the world's most important IoT markets."
Wednesday 12 January 2022
uCare Medical Electronics invests in sensor technology to develop smart healthcare and sports applications
As people are becoming more conscious of their physical and mental health, sports technology has also risen to the forefront of technological innovation. As a result, Coretronic Corporation established uCare Medical Electronics, a dedicated subsidiary, in June 2017 to seize market opportunities by helping customers achieve a healthy lifestyle through innovative IoT technology, products, and services.
Wednesday 12 January 2022
ADLINK launches first embedded MXM graphics modules based on NVIDIA Ampere architecture for edge computing and AI
ADLINK EGX-MXM-A1000, EGX-MXM-A2000 and EGX-MXM-A4500 are the first modules to use NVIDIA's embedded GPUs based on NVIDIA Ampere architecture. ADLINK embedded MXM graphics modules offers high performance GPU acceleration in the compact, power-efficient MXM form factor, bringing edge computing and embedded AI to numerous vertical markets in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and more. Rugged design built for severe temperature extremes, shock and vibration, and corrosion in harsh conditions.
Wednesday 12 January 2022
With Wi-Fi 7 on horizon, LitePoint showcases flagship testing solution
2021 has been an exciting year for the telecommunications industry: the buzz driven by 5G technology, the early rollouts of high-speed Wi-Fi 6E, the stunning rise of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, and the revolution brought about by O-RAN white-box small cell installations are among some of the most exciting innovations of the year. To take advantage of these upcoming trends, LitePoint decided to hold the "Smart Manufacturing, Quality Manufacturing, Way to Victory" Innovation and Testing Technology Forum in Taipei and Hsinchu on November 9 and 11, 2021, respectively. As a major technology forum held at the end of 2021, a wide range of industry applications and testing solutions were presented at the event to showcase the brand competence of various wireless communication product vendors, as well as accelerate their production and time to market (TTM) to help them seize business opportunities.
Tuesday 11 January 2022
FSP leverages market proximity to develop complete product line, satisfying demand for high-efficiency PSUs in edge computing devices
It has been many years since the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality, and system architectures have undergone many adjustments to meet the latest challenges. Because of these, the idea of edge computing was born. As the computing power of edge devices increases, the overall performance of systems has also improved. However, high computing power naturally increases power consumption. In addition, as the number of network devices gets larger, their locations more dispersed, and their deployment environments more varied, supplying power to devices has become increasingly challenging. As a power supply veteran, FSP foresaw new power supply demands and launched myriad products to meet the edge computing needs of customers. In recent years, the company has joined hands with partners of the 5G Ecosystem Alliance to create the most suitable solutions for different sectors.
Monday 10 January 2022
JPC Connectivity continuously enhances the capability on developing IoT products with its solid expertise and experience
JPC Connectivity is well known for its connectors and cables. However, as early as 2000, JPC stepped into manufacturing peripherals like mice and speakers, and then even expanded its product lines to the areas such as wireless charging. Today, JPC Connectivity is solid on the development of consumer IoT products.
Friday 7 January 2022
Azure unlocks business opportunity with 5G and AIoT to drive digital transformation
In the post pandemic era, global supply chains are restructured and dramatically changed. As industries around the world accelerate their digital transformation to create new business opportunity, the technologies of 5G and AIoT are becoming the key driving forces. The mainstream sectors such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing continue increase the market demands. SYNNEX, an industry leader in IT distribution, hosts 5G and AIoT on-line event named "High speed connection to enable smart applications" in December 2021. The invited keynote speakers are from Microsoft Taiwan, Intel and ITRI. This event focused on several key topics including 5G, Robotics Operating System (ROS), Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing to help industrial players to enhance global competitiveness by applying smart applications.
Thursday 6 January 2022
Enter the MSI-VERSE: MSI presents latest innovation virtually for CES 2022
World-leading PC brand MSI hosts virtual events to unveil the MSI-VERSE and the latest innovations for the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. The online events allow MSI to provide consumers with an immersive and interactive experience beyond the limitations of distance and time.
Thursday 6 January 2022
5G & AIoT hackathon event boosts digital transformation
SYNNEX invited Microsoft IoT Center of Excellence and Intel to co-host event named "The Making of IoT Hackers" in Taiwan. This was for the purpose to cultivate talents using AIoT technologies and upgrade ecosystem value chains bringing together local partners and global tech giants. Market demand for increasingly sophisticated devices and applications plays to Taiwan's strengths by deepening Taiwan's talent pool in the fields of AIoT trends.
Thursday 6 January 2022
Software, hardware developers boost AIoT and explore new business opportunities in edge computing
While the pandemic has changed many aspects of life, it has also accelerated the development of AIoT in different verticals. As more companies and developers dedicate themselves to deploying this new technology, it brings with new opportunities and emerged challenges. On October 30, Arm held the Arm DevTalks 2021 annual developer meetup. The discussions centered around "Development, Intelligence, and a New Future" and explored the diverse business opportunities in the rising AIoT era.
Wednesday 5 January 2022
The only in Taiwan! DEKRA establishes first EMI absorber automatic storage anechoic chamber, improving EMC service
In order to improve service, the global testing certification institution, DEKRA, established Taiwan's first high frequency EMI noise absorber automatic storage anechoic chamber. Breaking from traditional manual placement, the site can be automatically controlled like a stage and the high frequency EMI noise absorber can be elevated in 1 minute and 40 seconds. Not only can it shorten the 1 hour site configuration time, it can also reduce human errors in placement, helping customers to save time and costs and improve testing accuracy.