• Notebook demand remains strong
    Taiwan-based notebook PCB specialists expect a stronger-than-ever fourth quarter this year, bolstered by persistent demand for notebooks supporting stay-at-home economy, according to industry sources.
  • From second left are Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen, Acer founder Stan Shih, NTU Hospital superin
    Acer has disclosed it has worked with National Taiwan University Hospital to develop AI-based software to help doctors diagnose diabetic retinopathy, with the software becoming the first ophthalmological intellectual property licensed by Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration.
  • Huawei has only a minor share in the notebook market
    Both Intel and AMD reportedly have resumed shipments to Huawei after obtaining export permits from US authorities, but Taiwan's IC substrates do not expect their revenues to receive much of a boost as a result, according to industry sources.
  • Acer is pushing for non-PC business growths
    Acer has seen sales generated from non-PC products climb as a proportion of company revenues to 20%, and expects the proportion to continue expanding thanks to its business diversification efforts, according to company chairman and CEO Jason Chen.
  • Asustek ZenFone 7 lineup
    Asustek Computer is poised to see its smartphone business grow significantly in 2020, with overall handset ASPs trending upward and losses for its mobile device business unit further narrowing, according to company vice president Benson Lin.
  • Taiwanese investors are keen to invest in Thailand
    Taiwanese enterprises together invested THB7.8 billion (US$248 million) in Thailand during January-August 2020, the fifth largest in terms of foreign direct investment in the country in the period, according to Thailand Trade and Economic Office (Taipei).
  • China is keen to reduce its reliance on US technology
    China will be stepping up the development of its homegrown third-generation semiconductor materials and quantum computers in the next 5-10 years seeking to fully wean itself off US influence in the next-generation segments, according to industry sources.
  • Taiwan component makers enjoy growing orders for notebooks
    Taiwan-based power supply and connector makers have seen sales growth thanks to stay-at-home activities since the second quarter of 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.
  • TSMC's 2nm process development is ahead of schedule
    TSMC's has disclosed that its 3nm process will continue to adopt a FinFET structure, but the foundry reportedly will take a new approach to its 2nm chip development, replacing FinFET with GAA transistors. Meanwhile, strong demand for...
  • Huawei to launch curved gaming monitors
    Huawei reportedly is set to launch own brand monitors, including curved gaming models, as it prepares to compete with newcomers such as Xiaomi in the sector, according to industry sources.
  • Brand vendors are increasing the adoption of HDDs in Chromebooks
    Robust demand for Chromebooks from the education segment has not only led to shortages of entry-level processors and LCD panels, but also spurred demand for hard disc drives (HDDs), according to sources from the upstream supply chain.
  • AMD is set to see big gains in the notebook processor market
    AMD is making major gains in the notebook processor market in 2020, thanks to strong demand from the education sector. Notebook vendors having been seeking more support from AMD to meet the needs from the education sector, as a result...
  • Shortages of PWM ICs hurting notebook shipments
    Notebook battery suppliers are unable to fulfill all orders, due mainly to shortages of power management ICs, according to industry sources.
  • Robust demand from the education sector causes shortages in Intel CPUs
    AMD is expected to see its share of the notebook processor market reach a company record-high of 20% in 2020, according to market sources.
  • Sony has dismissed speculation about PS5 shipment goals
    Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chain for Sony's PS5 expect stable shipments of rigid mainboards for the new hgame console in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to industry sources.
  • Notebook makers face LCD panel shortages
    Many panel makers are ramping up their output for notebook applications thanks to a surge in demand for computing devices needed to support remote work and study. While these makers generally expect the robust demand to stretch into 2021, their notebook panel shipment momentum may be crippled by a...
  • TSMC is set to see a fruitful year in 2020
    TSMC is on track to reaping impressive gains in 2020, as signficant orders from Apple will make sure the foundry house's 5nm process capacity will be fully occupied through the end of the year. And for its 7nm process, yield rates have...
  • Chinese makers are crossing into the supply chain of Apple
    Luxshare Precision Industry is a secondary supplier for the Apple Watch Series 6, while BYD is among the suppliers for the new Wi-Fi iPad series, according to industry sources.
  • Sony has dismissed claims about it cutting PS5 shipment goal
    Backend houses have seen smooth progress in packaging customized SoCs for Sony's PS5 and yield rates at the foundry partner are also steady, with shipment goal set by the vendor for the next-genration games console likely remaining unchanged, according to Taiwan's backend supply chain sources.
  • TSMC
    Claims about TSMC having yield rates issues with its 7nm process manufacturing AMD chips for Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) games console are highly questionable, according to sources from Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain.
  • Panel orders from Apple are strong
    Apple's pull-ins for panel orders for its newly released 10.2-inch iPad and 10.9-inch iPad Air have been strong thanks to the booming stay-at-home economy, according to sources from Taiwan's panel supply chain.
  • ASE has been a partner of Apple for SiC
    ASE Technology and its EMS subsidiary Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) have reportedly grabbed major system-in-package (SiP) orders for the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, according to industry sources.
  • TSMC sees strong demand from Apple for its 5nm process capacity
    TSMC's 5nm process capacity will be fully utilized through the end of 2020, thanks particularly to strong orders for Apple's new iPad Air and upcoming iPhones, as well as the Mac, according to industry sources.
  • Huawei's fate looks grim
    Huawei's woes seem to have been compounded by Chinese chipmakers who, wary of breaching the US trade sanctions that took effect on September 15, have reportedly suspended shipments to the tech giant. Huawei had been aggressively building...
  • HTC is eyeing medical applications for its VR devices
    HTC-developed Vive Focus business-use VR technology has been adopted by US-based Penumbra for developing its REAL System, a portable rehabilitation tool based on immersive VR, according to the Taiwanese vendor.

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