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DIGITIMES regularly interviews leading industry executives, inviting them to talk frankly about the technology issues and the business challenges of our rapidly changing industry. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss industry trends and issues face-to-face, via email or during a conference call.

The text is available free of charge for three days after publish date; older interviews require membership.

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  • Nanya: making wafers, shipping modules

    Friday 30 September 2005

    Known as one of the leading DRAM suppliers (ranked by iSuppli as sixth in the world for the first half of 2005), Nanya Technology operates its own silicon fabs, but ships its products mainly as DRAM modules assembled by...

  • A briefing on the Blackfin: Q&A with Analog Devices

    Tuesday 12 July 2005

    Analog Devices’ Blackfin processor is an unusual design that combines control processing and digital signal processing on the same chip. Jointly developed with Intel, the Blackfin is now being designed into a wide...

  • Kingston’s John Tu: “We will always keep some manufacturing in the US”

    Tuesday 28 June 2005

    Far ahead of the competition, US-based Kingston Technology led the DRAM-module industry in 2004 with a 27% market share, according to iSuppli, while its two closest competitors, US-based Smart Modular Technologies and Taiwan-based...

  • Kingston co-founder John Tu reveals secrets to memory success

    Tuesday 21 June 2005

    Founded in 1987, US-based Kingston Technology, the world’s largest third-party DRAM module supplier, used to focus its business on the Europe and US markets. However, John Tu, co-founder and president of Kingston,...

  • Java on the ARM: Q&A with ARM’s Chris Porthouse

    Tuesday 14 June 2005

    In terms of both the installed and the developer base, Java is now the leading software enabler for virtual execution environments, and that means ARM is involved in the enhancement and development of the Java platform...

  • Kingmax: Hot flash at Computex

    Wednesday 1 June 2005

    DRAM modules are definitely a focus of attention for many industry players and buyers these days. However, the rising place of flash-based memory along with its growing penetration in consumer electronics products such...

  • A-Data: more memory, more ambitions

    Tuesday 31 May 2005

    Rapidly advanced to be the third-placed DRAM-module vendor worldwide, Taiwan-based A-Data Technology is now exploring the market of flash-memory based devices. This June at Computex, the company is showcasing some new products...

  • JEDEC: Memory standards on the way

    Tuesday 31 May 2005

    A seasoned veteran in the semiconductor industry, Desi Rhoden now serves as executive vice president at Inphi, a privately-held fabless electronic-components company located in the US and focused on high-performance analog...

  • Synopsys’ PrimeRail: Q&A with Shekhar Kapoor, Synopsys

    Monday 23 May 2005

    This month [May, 2005], Synopsys Inc. introduced PrimeRail, an additional sign-off tool for the Synopsys Galaxy platform and one that complements the Star-RCXT extraction tool and the PrimeTime timing-analysis tool. Notably,...

  • Apacer: back to the top five

    Friday 20 May 2005

    Ranked as the 13th biggest DRAM-module manufacturer in 2003, Apacer last year advanced to be the fifth, according to a recent iSuppli report. The research company said “Apacer had the most impressive performance in...

  • Pioneering test at Ardentec: An interview with Dr. CY Lu

    Wednesday 18 May 2005

    Taiwan test company Ardentec Corporation is offering a range of test services that implement on-wafer test and the identification of “known good die.” Using this approach, company CEO and chairman CY Lu hopes...

  • What everyone in the DRAM-module industry wishes to know

    Friday 13 May 2005

    A-Data Technology was founded in 2001 and three years later was named fourth-largest third-party DRAM-module manufacturer by iSuppli. Then, A-Data entered the top-three in the world, on the basis of 2004 revenues, following...

  • Prospects for cooperation: Q&A with Keith Parsonage, director general of ICT Branch of the Industry Canada

    Thursday 5 May 2005

    IT companies in Canada and Taiwan can join forces to develop related multimedia products for the global market by leveraging Canada’s strong digital content technologies and the manufacturing and application design...

  • Riding high in the enthusiast market: An interview with Corsair

    Wednesday 27 April 2005

    Corsair Memory, a US-based memory module maker that focuses on the high-end memory modules for gamers and PC enthusiasts, recently received validation for Nvidia's nForce4 SLI Intel edition platform. The company claimed...

  • Clairvoyante talks about brightening the panel

    Tuesday 19 April 2005

    Clairvoyante, a display technology developer and patent-licensing company in the US, claims panels using its patented PenTile Matrix technology consume less power, are brighter, have a higher contrast ratio, a lower production...

  • Interview with SanDisk executive vice chairman, Nelson Chan

    Thursday 31 March 2005

    SanDisk, the world’s top flash memory card maker, recently announced its decision to venture into the MP3 player market, where it expects to have the same share it has for the small-size memory market (28%). DigiTimes...

  • No problem to survive – An interview with GeIL CEO Jeff Hsieh

    Wednesday 30 March 2005 talked with Jeff Hsieh, chief executive officer of DRAM-module maker GeIL about survival strategies for small DRAM-module makers. Many in the industry expect this year to be tough, but Hsieh remains optimistic...

  • Crucial: FB-DIMMs and registered DIMMs will co-exist for the life of DDR2

    Friday 18 March 2005

    Earlier this year, US-based DRAM manufacturer Micron announced industry-first fully buffered dual in-line memory modules (FB-DIMM) using DDR2-667 components. spoke with John Stroozas, director of engineering...

  • Motherboard compatibility is the key priority – An interview with Kingmax VP Lawrence Chang

    Tuesday 15 February 2005

    Having boosted its capacity by 50% with a new plant in China, Kingmax Semiconductor is hoping to increase its share of the DRAM-module market. But this strategy poses plenty of questions. When can we really expect DDR2...

  • Memory-module makers could face a tough 2005 – An interview with Kingston Technology VP Scott Chen

    Wednesday 2 February 2005

    Compared to the previous two years, when the market demonstrated double-digit growth, an expected slowdown this year could mean a tough time for DRAM-module makers. For small players, it may be a challenge to survive.

  • Interview with Paul Jones, CEO of PDP Systems

    Thursday 13 January 2005

    In a recent visit to Taiwan, Paul Jones, CEO of PDP Systems, a US-based DRAM-module maker, talked to DigiTimes about Asia emerging as a major DRAM-module market, Taiwan’s growing role as a major DRAM chip production...

  • Heterogeneous Integration is Key – Q&A with Etron Technology, part one

    Wednesday 5 January 2005

    Right at the cutting edge of Taiwan’s chip design industry is Etron Technology. A relatively small and young company, located in the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), Etron has attracted international attention with a string...

  • Interview: Q&A with Macronix president Miin Wu

    Tuesday 21 December 2004

    Following the announcement from Macronix that its full-year earnings will be 86.4% below forecast, company president Miin Wu sat down with DigiTimes and other media to explain how this had come about, his view on the NOR...

  • Interview with ProMOS chairman and president Dr ML Chen

    Tuesday 7 December 2004

    ProMOS Technologies, at a recent event hosted by Taiwan’s Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), announced the donation of used semiconductor equipment to the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP). The equipment, valued at...

  • Silicon Motion bets high on flash-memory cards

    Monday 15 November 2004

    Silicon Motion, once a flash-memory card producer, has now become the world’s top supplier of controller chips for Secure Digital (SD) memory cards and the number two supplier for MultiMedia Card (MMC) controllers...

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