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ARBOR introduces high-accuracy smart temperature screening solution for epidemic prevention
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COVID-19 goes on a global rampage as 2020 unfolds. As part of the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, health screening stations are set up at entrances to government buildings, medical institutions, and office complexes to check people's temperatures with forehead thermometers or thermal imaging cameras. However, most thermal imaging systems on the market are not intelligent enough and are susceptible to false alarms.

Their accuracy may degrade when they have been in use for an extended period of time. Furthermore, a professional team may be required to set up a thermal imaging system. These all prevent enterprises and institutions from painlessly incorporating temperature screening systems. To help relieve these headaches, ARBOR recently introduced E-Guardian S408, a thermal imaging solution for epidemic prevention. Featuring a smart design to effectively reduce false alarm rate and boost screening rate, plus a small footprint and diverse mounting options, E-Guardian S408 grabbed market attention as soon as it made a debut.

According to ARBOR general manager Clark Lien, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature screening systems have virtually become standard equipment of large buildings but most systems currently in use leave a lot to be desired. The problem of false alarms is the most common complaint. Temperature screening systems detect the temperature of the subject using thermal imaging technology and present the distribution of the temperatures on the display. Most systems on the market are unable to target a specific detection area so a false alarm most often occurs when a person holding a hot drink passes the screening station. When such cases keep occurring and there is no temperature calibration reference, the systems will raise false alarms again and again. The cry wolf effect will cause the operators to let their guard down, thus failing to keep the virus out.

Aside from the problem of false alarms, current temperature screening systems lack user-friendly interface. They are generally categorized into two types of systems. One comes with powerful functions but requires the supplier to install the system due to a high level of complexity. The other comes with simple functions but can be installed by the user. Both types of systems have their shortcomings. The former needs professional engineers to configure system parameters, while the latter offers no flexibility in their functions.

In view of this, ARBOR introduces E-Guardian S408, featuring robust advantages to solve these pain points. According to Lien, ARBOR started out as an industrial PC supplier and has developed strong capability in thermal imaging technology, which is often used in industrial applications. On top of its experience in developing thermal imaging sensors for inspection instruments used at power or petrochemical plants, ARBOR combines factory automation, ICT and thermal imaging sensor technologies to design pioneering epidemic prevention products with an emphasis on enhancing user experience and value-added features. As a result of such efforts, E-Guardian S408 delivers higher-than-expected reliability and quality. As a premium quality product with a competitive price, E-Guardian S408 has been enthusiastically embraced by the market since its launch.

ARBOR not only offers E-Guardian S408 at a compelling price, but also designs it to address the problems of existing systems on the market, noted Lien. Featuring quick and easy installation, E-Guardian S408 can be set up using a rack mount or magnetic mount onto a door frame, wall, or other metal surfaces. It also comes with a built-in Human-Machine Interface (HMI) so there is no need for an external display. Following the installation guide, users can get the system up and running within five minutes.

Enhanced with AI-based image recognition, E-Guardian S408 can intelligently detect the human body and locate the forehead and temple for temperature measurement. This way, it can avoid checking temperatures of a non-human object and thus reduce the chance of raising a false alarm. It also comes with a built-in calibration unit that can automatically correct temperature parameters to eliminate the problem of degraded accuracy when existing systems are in extended use.

Although COVID-19 is gradually getting contained through joint efforts from the public and private sectors, Lien thinks some organizations will continue to have temperature screening systems operating at the entrance. They will become part of people's daily lives. Temperature screening systems that are smarter and easier to configure and operate will help safeguard the world against the virus.

ARBOR's E-Guardian S408

Featuring painless usability, smart design, flexible mounting options and compelling pricing, ARBOR's E-Guardian S408 helps safeguard the world against virus.

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