Fri, Oct 29, 2021
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Thursday 28 October 2021
Highlights of the day: Server makers expect strong demand from datacenters in 2022
Demand from datacenters will remain strong in 2022, and server makers expect orders to be particularly strong in the first quarter of next year. In Southeast Asia, unicorn companies are emerging rapidly, partly thanks to its large population and fast growing economy.
Thursday 28 October 2021
Server ODMs remain upbeat about 2022
Server ODMs including Quanta Computer and Wiwynn remain upbeat about their shipment prospects for next year, and expect a particularly strong first quarter of 2022 thanks to a continued ramp-up in orders for datacenter and other server applications, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 26 October 2021
Omron to invest in Techman Robot
Japan-based industrial control and automation equipment maker Omron will invest in Taiwan-based collaborative robot maker Techman Robot, according to Techman.
Tuesday 26 October 2021
ICT industry key to development of smart medical care in Taiwan, says Acer founder
As smart medical care has become a global trend, Taiwan's ICT industry will play an essential role in the local development of smart medical care, according to Acer founder Stan Shih.
Monday 25 October 2021
Combining AI, cloud, and motion capture to create low-cost high-interactivity audio-visual fitness platform
In 2006, the Nintendo Wii started a new era of home fitness. And more recently with the advent of cloud and AI technology, home fitness is once again raised to new heights as professional online fitness services are becoming mainstream. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on across the globe, the world has seen virtual fitness programs become both a new reality for fitness enthusiasts and a new income source for fitness centers. Unsurprisingly, CES 2021 saw many businesses unveil their virtual fitness programs targeting this new market. Among them is Uniigym, a TTA-assisted startup with its own in-house developed AI cloud interactive fitness technology service. Uniigym boasts professionally designed fitness entertainment with a much lower barrier to entry and has attracted the interest of companies around the globe.
Thursday 21 October 2021
MIH unveils open EV software platform, announces key partnerships with Arm, Microsoft, Trend Micro
MIH has unveiled its Open EV Software Platform that enables automotive developers to create applications with smartphone-like development experience, in close partnership with Arm, Microsoft and Trend Micro.
Tuesday 19 October 2021
Highlights of the day: Foxconn making ambitious moves for EV
Foxconn has been aggressive in expanding its presence in the EV sector, and it is looking to promote localized EV production in various regions to tap respective markets. Robust orders for HPC chips from AMD and Nvidia are expected to drive sales growth at TSMC in 2022. Quanta Computer's server manufacturing facilities in Taiwan have reached almost full production capacity and will open a new plant in Thailand next year to produce server motherboards.
Tuesday 19 October 2021
Quanta to open new plant in Thailand in 2022
Quanta Computer will open its new plant for server production in Thailand in early 2022, according to industry sources.
Monday 18 October 2021
VMware has more employees in India than California
Cloud computing supplier VMware has been focusing more and more on its development in India and it has hired over 6,000 employees in India, much more than those at its headquarters in California, according to company CEO Raghu Raghuraman.
Friday 15 October 2021
Global server shipments to see steady growth over next 5 years
Global server shipments are expected to increase around 6% on year in 2022, driven primarily by order pull-ins from datacenter operators. For the short term, the growth will benefit from stabilizing supply of ICs and components and the releases of Intel's and AMD's new CPU platforms, which will stimulate replacement demand. In the long term, rising demand for cloud and 5G white-box telecom servers, as well as new hardware, will enable the global server shipments to achieve a CAGR of close to 7% during the period of 2021-2026, according to DIGITIMES Research's latest five-year (2022-2026) forecast report on the server industry.
Friday 15 October 2021
IPC makers urged to upgrade
Fast development of 5G, AI, IoT, deployment of infrastructure and increasing demand for digital transformation are expected to bring many business opportunities for industrial computing device makers, but they have to step into cloud computing-based hardware/software-integrated IPC 3.0 innovation platform convergence to upgrade their products and services, according to Steve Chiu, chairman and CEO Chiu of Ennoconn.
Thursday 14 October 2021
InSynerger becomes AI energy manger for corporations and parks
For both normal corporate buildings and factories, the types of energy needed are diverse, such as water, electricity, oil, and gas. The energy costs account for a high proportion of operating costs. Therefore, the strengthening of management benefits using complete mechanisms is necessary for the operations of energy systems in corporations and parks. As a result, smart energy management systems have been gradually introduced. However, these smart platforms are mostly aimed at the management of a single energy type and cannot respond to the effects of interactions between different energy types. InSynerger offers 24-hour energy and electromechanical equipment cloud AI management which can help companies establish a unified management platform. The management system can display data from different energy equipment in a visual interface to the manager through the integration of on-premise equipment and cloud systems, making management easier and more efficient.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
UnaBiz raises over US$25 million in Series B round
UnaBiz, a Singapore-based Internet of Things (IoT) service provider, has raised over US$25 million in its Series B funding round led by SPARX Group. The round was oversubscribed, with participation from CDIB, G K Goh and Thaioil, according to the UnaBiz.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Power Logic completes validation for 5G server cooling solutions
Cooling fan maker Power Logic has completed product validation for its 5G server cooling solutions, which will soon be ready for volume production, according to the company.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Demand for data centers creates opportunities for connectors, cable supply chain
As cloud and 5G applications continue to grow, the demand for data centers remains high, opening up opportunities for related supply chains such as connectors.
Tuesday 12 October 2021
Advantech hits record revenues for September
Industrial computing device maker and solution provider Advantech has reported consolidated revenues of NT$5.490 billion (US$197 million) for September, the highest-ever monthly level with growth of 6.57% on month and 26.21% on year.
Friday 8 October 2021
Taiwan Tech IDSL uses innovative R&D to improve security in age of IoT
As network infrastructures around the globe continue to mature, the declining cost of sensor components has given rise to a surge of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which has itself become an important driving force for current global economic growth. According to research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the overall IoT market is estimated to reach US$4-11trillion by 2025. But behind the prospering business prospects lies the equally concerning problem of growing IT security threats. Currently, IoT devices have become a preferred target of hacker groups, who use them as a convenient relay to launch volumetric and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to demand ransoms or achieve specific political objectives, posing an unprecedented threat to businesses or countries.
Thursday 7 October 2021
Tensions rise for Korean Internet giants Kakao, Naver
South Korean companies from chaebols (large family-owned businesses) to network platform authorities to large Internet companies such as Kakao, Naver and Coupang, are starting to feel tense. Contributing factors include the upcoming South Korean presidential election that will be held in March 2022, as well as Samsung Group chairman Lee Jae-Yong's recent parole from prison.
Wednesday 6 October 2021
Innolux has order visibility until 1Q22
Innolux has obtained orders for LCD panels used in automotive, industrial and commercial displays with shipments scheduled until first-quarter 2022, according to company president James Yang.
Tuesday 5 October 2021
Chenbro Micom to start trial run at new factory
Server and storage device chassis maker Chenbro Micom will undertake trial run at a new factory in Chiayi, Taiwan in October 2021 and start production in the following month, according to company chairperson Maggi Chen.
Monday 4 October 2021
India roundup: Gov't eyes wafer fabs
The minister of state for electronics and IT has said his ministry has plans to build wafer fabs in Inida in the next three to five years.
Friday 1 October 2021
Intel advances neuromorphic with Loihi 2, new Lava software framework
Intel has introduced Loihi 2, its second-generation neuromorphic research chip, and Lava, an open-source software framework for developing neuro-inspired applications. Their introduction signals Intel's ongoing progress in advancing neuromorphic technology.
Friday 1 October 2021
Taiwan Tech uses IT tools to provide smart solutions for energy generation, storage and conservation
Against the backdrop of nonstop technological advancements, smart energy has become a key policy for governments and enterprises around the globe. However, despite years of development, there is still room for improvement in the three major areas of innovative energy solutions: generation, storage, and conservation. A team led by Cheng-Chien Kuo, chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech), has been using AI and various information technology (IT) tools to help government agencies, factories, enterprises, households and other users track their electricity information more accurately and allow for the formulation of strategies that can further optimize energy use.
Thursday 30 September 2021
Highlights of the day: Server shortage to remain till 1H22
The server sector has not seen any improvements so far, and server supply is expected to fall short of demand through mid-2022. Notebook vendors are generally still upbeat aboout demand in first-half 2022 although some market watchers have expressed skepticism, judging from the weak demand in some market segments. China's restrictions on electricity use have sent many manufacturers worrying about their production, but Innolux president James Yang believes that such measures could curb over-expansions in production capacity, and keep LCD prices stable.
Thursday 30 September 2021
Server supply to remain constrained through mid-2022
The supply of servers will stay constrained through the middle of next year, due mainly to shortages of small ICs, according to industry sources.