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KINGMAX to focus on heat dissipation technology and memory card business
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Thursday 16 June 2011

With the global economy recovering, advances in telecommunication technologies and rising demand for smart devices are boosting the development of industries related to memory products. In addition, with improvement to 3D image display technologies, users' demand for storage capacity is also growing significantly, which is in turn prompting entertainment-related industries, such as the gaming and multimedia businesses, to change their content. Memory players are also launching related products to meet demand.

World-leading DRAM with nanometer heat dissipation technology

CEO of KINGMAX Digital Joe Liu pointed out that KINGMAX's focus at Computex 2010 was DRAM featuring its nanometer heat dissipation technology, a technology invented by KINGMAX to adopt nanometer heat dissipation into overclocked DRAM modules. In 2011 the company has launched its high-performance dual-channel overclocked Hercules DDR3 2,400MHz 8GB DRAM module with the heat dissipation technology to completely replace the traditional heatsink. The technology uses nanometer-level silicon coating to better heat dissipation, while the removal of the traditional heatsink lessens the weight of the module.

Since heat dissipation is a major factor determining whether a DRAM module will have high efficiency, data processing speed and stability during high-speed calculation. Heat dissipation is usually the most valued criteria for enthusiast players and is also a technological challenge for DRAM makers to continue pushing their innovations. Currently, most DRAM module makers are using thicker and heavier heatsinks to further boost their DRAM products' heat dissipation, increasing both the size and cost of the modules. But KINGMAX's nanometer heat dissipation DRAM module has advantage not only in terms of size, its heat dissipation is also quicker than DRAM modules that use heatsinks, allowing it to operate at lower temperatures (about two degrees Celsius lower) and raise its heat dissipation by 10%.

In addition to the gaming enthusiast-level DRAM modules, the nanometer heat dissipation technology can also be applied to USB 3.0 or other high-speed transmission applications, particularly those military- or industrial-standard transmission applications, which require a high degree of stability. KINGMAX has a presence in all these market segments.

Speed, stability and compatibility are all in one solution

After KINGMAX released its nanometer heat dissipation technology in 2010, the company has been receiving good reviews from the international media as well as DIY players. The technology has also received awards for its performance, technology innovation, overclocking performance and transmission efficiency from Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. After a year of wide acclaim, KINGMAX has launched its high-capacity dual-channel overclocked Nano Gaming RAM DDR3 2400 8GB DRAM module in 2011.

Gaming and overclocking players want more than just speed. For them, system stability and compatibility are also important factors. KINGMAX's Nano Gaming Ram adopts only high-quality IC chip to ensure excellent overclocking capability. The DRAM module is produced through dual-side assembling technology, implanting eight 256MB IC chips on both the front and back sides of the print circuit board (PCB). The DRAM module supports Intel's P55 chipset and after the chipset reads the module's built-in serial presence detect (SPD), it will automatically execute overclocking. Paired with KINGMAX's in-house designed PCB board, it minimizes interference between electric circuits and enables maximum performance. It allows the DRAM module to perform in extreme speeds during high-frequency use, preventing the gamer from seeing the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) or having to reboot during play.

The world's first 64GB microSDXC memory card

With demand for smart devices with higher resolution rising, needs for memory cards with higher capacity have been growing stronger and stronger. KINGMAX at Computex 2011 announced an eye-catching breakthrough for memory cards in terms of both technology and capacity. It launched the 64GB microSDXC memory card for smartphone, the first microSD in the world with such mega capacity.

The memory card supports handheld devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablet PCs and multimedia players that support the exFAT format, and with an adapter it can be used as an SD card or USB drive for different applications. The memory card also supports Class 6 high speed transmission to satisfy consumers' extreme demand for high storage in an era that sees an explosion of multimedia content.

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