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Risun offers active thermal solutions for LED lighting
Press release
Wednesday 6 June 2012

Originally the world-leading micro-fan supplier for the cooling of pico projectors, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and ultra-thin computers, Risun Expanse Corp. has made strong moves into a new horizon, the active thermal solutions for LED lighting.

By adding two round-framed axial cooling fans, RRA3008 (Φ30×8mm) and RRA6016 (Φ60×16mm) to the product lineup, Risun is turning a new page on the cooling of high power LEDs.

In response to the eco-friendly appeal for energy-saving and low carbon emission, LED has long been regarded as the viable alternative to inefficient incandescent lamps and eco-unfriendly compact fluorescent lamps. However, on the way to become a truly general lighting solution, there are several issues left to be tackled for LED. One major issue of LED is the luminous decay caused by high power and temperature from the ever-increasing demand for high brightness output. The elevated temperature will pose a serious problem to the service life of LEDs.

For the capability of pure passive cooling means, such as heat sink, to keep up with the heat-generation rate of high power LEDs, the size and weight of heat sink will usually go up to an unreasonable level, making it impractical for the cooling of high brightness LEDs and setting the stage for the active cooling fans with much higher cooling efficiency.

Rated at 5V and about 0.35W, both RRA3008 and RRA6016 adopt a stator structure with an axial air-gap and without iron cores or silicon steel stacks, which is unprecedented among LED cooling fans usually consisting of a stator structure with a radial air-gap and silicon steel stacks, the causes of induced eddy current losses, higher fan power, and poor fan efficiency. Without silicon steels, the diameter of fan impeller can be smaller and the length of fan blades longer, meaning a cooling fan can achieve the same performance at a lower rotation speed and therefore lower noise level compared to its counterpart with silicon steels.

RRA3008 is aiming at the cooling for LED lights, such as MR16 and E27, with input powers up to 12W; while RRA6016 for LED highbay lights with input powers up to 50W. Other features include a service life over 30,000 hours at 60óJ and IP57 ratings. Moreover, total LED cooling solutions are also available in the form of thermal modules combining LED cooling fans, advanced heat sinks, and innovative thermal designs.

To sum up, Risun's LED cooling fans have the unique stator structure with an axial air-gap and without silicon steels, leading to a lower fan power, higher fan efficiency, lower rotation speed and lower noise level. By embedding Risun's active thermal solutions in LED lighting, the customers can build LED products with greater added-values, featuring lighter weights and compact sizes, higher powers, more lumens, less luminous decay, higher efficiencies, and longer service lives.

Risun is exhibiting its products at Nangang Exhibition Hall, K1203.

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