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Intel leads the intelligent system trends with innovation
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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Intel hosted Intelligent Systems Summit (IISS) 2012 at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on October 16th & 17th, 2012 for announcing a major industrial technology shift of embedded systems and industrial PC industry. The mainstream innovative solutions Intel brought in this technology forum include retail, transportation systems, healthcare, manufacturing, and tele-communication sectors.

Rick Dwyer, Vice President of Sales Marketing Group (SMG) & General Manager of Embedded Sales Group (ESG) at Intel, gave the opening keynote speech for IISS. He highlighted the intelligent connected systems are all around us in every aspect of our daily life. Rick Dwyer simply cited several intuitive examples. For example, the intelligent vehicle system is able to sense the driver and passengers to provide instant traffic information services, and even preventing dangerous accidents. Another example is it can help the supermarket outlets stores to setup a quickly response of changing digital signage contents according to the different gender or age consumer preferences. This will enable users to enjoy a more personalized shopping experience and a better fit to the needs of people through today's smart, connected, secured and well managed embedded systems.

This kind of new invented forms of embedded systems (or called "intelligent system"), which targeting to fulfill user's needs, gradually transformed the traditional single-purpose and isolated electronic devices into one always internet connected, running cloud applications to gather information and getting assistance of expert systems made by various of Internet of Things websites. The entire new innovation architecture leads us to a new era of secure and full seamless integration to modern enterprise and telecommunication infrastructure.

Besides a greener, more energy-efficient processor chips, Intel technology provides key chipset solutions to integrate intelligent systems and applications, in order to response to the explosive increase of data transactions in the next 10 years. The solid ground for fitting rapid change of internet world will count on four key building blocks, noted by Rick Dwyer. They are secured, managed, connected and interoperated intelligent devices.

Internet of Things focus on exploring values of big data

Several major industrial research reports, coincidentally forecasted that there will be over 15 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet by 2015, where one-third of devices will be intelligent systems. The network consisted by those smart systems is often referred to as Internet of Things (IoT). It is estimated that the explosive growth of this type of business models is not only on behalf of the immense business opportunities, but also introducing many new lifestyle.

In order to simplify and accelerate the process of IoT deployment, Intel announced the intelligent system architecture (called Intel Intelligent Systems Framework). It is the combination of continuous development of interoperability solutions through a consistent and scalable design model, making each device have connected, well managed, as well as secured development environment.

Intel Intelligent Systems Framework will help to shorten development time through a series of hardware and software integration. The most important contribution is to build a standardized and opened platform to help system integrators or application developers easily generating the various solutions. With these solutions, the IoT can explore the values from analyzing the massive amount of information gathering for smart devices.

In the real world, these applications implement the use of analysis of big data covered from different manufacturing industries. The benefits will help enterprises to improve efficiency and productivity. Even more, it helps to create a variety of services that can generate good profits and provide consumers with new and exciting experience.

Another vivid example in the case of modern urban shopping district, chain stores and outlets, the digital signage network will automatically adjust the effective price strategy and promote product contents when the weather report forecasts to have coming rainstorm. These applications will make you turn your life becoming extremely convenient.

Over the next 10 years, Intel outlines a blueprint of future intelligent systems in IISS. There will be a more than 15 billion intelligent devices, 35 Trillion Gigabyte the amount of data storage and analysis, as well as a US$ 3 trillion market created.

Rick Dwyer, Vice President of Sales Marketing Group (SMG)

Rick Dwyer, Vice President of Sales Marketing Group (SMG) & General Manager of Embedded Sales Group (ESG), Intel

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