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Chilisin looks to fast growth, enabled by comprehensive technology and flexibility
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The inductor market has been long dominated by Japanese players. Aside from the Japanese players, Chilisin has been one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide. In contrast to many inductor manufacturers, Chilisin is one of the few companies with expertise in the four inductor processing technologies: wire-wound, molding, multilayer, and thin-film. Chilisin's comprehensive production technology is an advantage that allows it to meet various client demands and quickly adapt to market changes. Another defining feather that sets Chilisin apart from its competitors is its in-house powder-forming technology. Having control of the powder-forming process allows Chilisin to flexibly and quickly meet customized orders and gives Chilisin a cost competitive advantage. Given that powder is the fundamental material of inductors, having 40 years of experience in the powder-forming technology gives Chilisin a leading edge in future product development.

Chilisin has launched several new products in the second half of 2012, such as the High-current Molding Power Inductor (AME/MHCD Series) and Thin-film inductor (TFL Series). The new AME/MHCD Series is constructed from advanced powder material and flat wire using the molding technology. Its high current and miniature profilemakes the AME/MHCD Series ideal for hand-held devices. The new TFL Series are produced using photolithography, a process used in the microfabrication of semiconductors. At 10 um in circuit, it is able to achieve 1/5 the dimensions of multilayer inductors. Due to less energy required for sintering, thin-film inductors are also a greener alternative to multilayer inductors. Due to the capital-intensive nature of photolithography technology, Chilisin is currently among only two players capable of a full photolithography production line dedicated to thin-film inductors. Chilisin's position as one of the market leaders in this product space highlights Chilisin's growing competitiveness that comes from its wide range of technological expertise. Chilisin aims to launch two new products in 2013: Multilayer Common Mode Choke and Thin-film Common Mode Choke.

Mobile and handheld devices continue to dominate and lead the consumer electronics market. Chilisin currently has three main product lines from three types of technology to support the miniaturization trend of power solutions: The MP-Series multilayer power inductor, the LVS-Series wire-wound power inductor, and the newly developed AME/MHCD-Series molding-type power inductor. As power solution for devices becomes more important, inductor focus has been increasingly put on size and weight. Given that wire-wound inductor cores utilize more space than coil-formed inductors, having all three types of coil-forming technology puts Chilisin in a favorable position to support the miniaturization trend. Chilisin aims to unify all 3 types of coil-forming technology (molding, multilayer, and thin-film) where special manufacturing skills and processes will be taken from each technology and combined to create a next generation product that is competitive in both size and capability. With a wide range of technological expertise and its flexibility to meet market demand, Chilisin is set to become a leading player worldwide.

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