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GKB launches its HD-SDI solution - A one-stop shop for everything; 8 questions to clarify any doubts about "HD-SDI" products
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Friday 18 October 2013

HD SDI solutions have only been introduced in the market in th past 2-3 years. Most buyers in the market are still not familiar with this new solution, leaving many questions and doubts of what benefits HD-SDI can bring to them. This situation is the same as it was five years ago for IP solutions. There is no doubt the HD SDI market will grow in the upcoming years due to its outstanding performance and features. Below, GKB answers the eight most frequently asked questions about HD-SDI camera and HD-SDI DVR.

Q: What is HD-SDI?
A: HD-SDI stands for High-Definition Serial Digital Interface, a kind of video interface run by SMPTE that uses a coaxial cable to transport uncompressed digital video. HD-SDI is the upgraded version of traditional analogy surveillance. It's simple and easy to learn as it continues to adopt analog technology and coaxial cable but advances its image to high definition resolution with no latency.

Q: What is the standard of real High Definition resolution?
A: After many discussions and divergences that prevented a unified HD-SDI solution, the market defined the final standard of HD-SDI resolution with FULL HD 1080P/30-60 fps.

Q: What is HD-SDI's signal interface and format standard?
A: Please refer to the table below.

Standard SMPTE





270Mbits, 360Mbits, 143Mbits, 177Mbits



1.485Gbits, 1.485/1.001Gbits



2.97Gbits, 2.970/1.001Gbits

HD-SDI VS Analog

Q: What is the signal sources of HD-SDI and Analog, respectively?
A: Analog DVR is an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial cable. However, HD-SDI DVR is not an analog signal although the signal is also transmitted over the coaxial cable. It is a digital video signal and therefore turns out to have a much higher resolution than analog.

Q: What is the maximum supported cable length for Analog and HD-SDI?
A: The maximum transmission of Analog DVR is 400 meters; HD-SDI DVR can reach 120-140 meters, therefore HD-SDI has a less competitive edge in large scale deployments.

Q: What type of cable does HD-SDI use?
A: HD-SDI uses standard coaxial cables (same as analog systems), and we highly recommend our customers use RG59 or RG-6 with 95% braided copper shielded coaxial cables to ensure the 3G-SDI transmission is able to be delivered smoothly.

Q: Does HD-SDI with uncompressed raw data need more storage?
A: Uncompressed raw data from HD-SDI cameras to HD-SDI DVRs leads to an assumption that HD-SDI solutions require much more storage. However, this assumption is incorrect, as video data is compressed not in the HD-SDI camera but in a DVR. DVR has two compressing options: H.264 High Profile and Main Profile respectively, in which High Profile compression has one third more storage compared with Main Profile compressed storage.

Q: Does the HD-SDI transmission distance limit the scale of installing the project?
A: Although the maximum HD-SDI transmission distance is 100-120 meters, HD-SDI provides accessories (HD-SDI Converter and HD-SDI Repeater) to sort out this issue. Regarding the scale of the project, HD-SDI Repeater is used in between during transmission to make HD-SDI transmission distances extend to 500 meters. The distance is long enough to meet most customers' requirements. SDI to fiber optic converter can reach a further transmission distance thus there is no worry about transmission distances, as HD-SDI with accessories can meet any scale of projects.

Q: Is HD-SDI able to deliver the immediate image with no latency?
A: Yes, the major advantages of HD-SDI are zero compression and no latency transmission.

Q: Does GKB provide the total HD-SDI Solution?
A: Yes, GKB HD-SDI Solution provides One-Stop Shopping for everything! Our HD-SDI includes various housings and features of 3G-SDI cameras, SDI DVRs, HD-SDI monitors and converters and repeaters to satisfy all customers' requirements.

Q: Does GKB offer the complete compatibility of HD-SDI products?
A: Yes, Hybrid DVR is compatible with Analog and HD-SDI cameras. GKB HD-SDI DVR can be seamlessly compatible in traditional analog systems to upgrade to an HD-SDI system renovation project, without re-wiring. GKB HD-SDI DVR also offers CMS management software that manages HD-SDI DVR and Analog simultaneously.

Q: Are GKB HD-SDI solutions compatible to other brands?
A: GKB HD-SDI Camera/ DVR have the same Video Mode (1080P:30FPS, 20P:60FPS) that can be compatible with other HD-SDI brand products.

Q: Will HD-SDI integrate with IP solutions in the future?
A: The HD-SDI market is in the beginning stage, thus there are few companies that integrate IP and HD-SDI systems. For the long term trend, we know it's essential to integrate IP solutions and HD-SDI systems. Thus, GKB will invest time and to integrate IP and HD-SDI systems.

Q: What are the advantages of GKB HD-SDI?
A: Aiming to construct a safer environment with little cost, GKB is proud to launch its true full HD-SDI camera with a proprietary HD Hybrid DVR series! Below, we provide the advantages of the GKB HD-SDI solution. Now you may enjoy the amazingly clear image and smooth transmission with the latest GKB technology.

A one-stop shop for everything:

*GKB with completely HD-SDI Camera line
-3G SDI which supports multi SDI Mode (1080p/1080i/720P).
-Professional OSD functions: 3DNR/Sense-up/Digital zoom and so on.
-True 120 Meter SDI distance.
-Long, middle and short range IR Bullet.
-Outdoor PTZ, Zoom Cam

*HD-SDI DVR with completely product line and rich function.
-Providing stable & quality 4/8/16CH SDI DVR which seldom seen in market.
-1080P Real time HD in recording & playback.
-Panic Button/ Alarm set/POS support/Free DDNS Server

*HD-SDI Accessory
-SDI repeater provides power to further repeaters.
-SDI HDMI Convertor; Optical Converter
-SDI monitor: SDI/ HDMI/VGA/BNC output with Full HD image quality.

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