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Fortrend upgrades OGS touch panels with anti-interference capability
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Tuesday 1 April 2014

The leading OGS touch panel manufacturer Fortrend's new 23.1-inch large-size touch panel has obtained the European CE approval, becoming the first globally to have obtained such an approval and setting up a new benchmark for larger-size touch panels. And this will be a standard in all the models in production.

Nowadays electrical and electronic device are flooding our daily life. We all have experienced annoying noises talking on our mobile phone when coming close to PCs or driving. Those noises result from electromagnetic wave interference between devices. That is the reason why we have to turn off all our electronic devices when we are flying on a plane to avoid the danger of interfering with the flight control equipment. Besides, high frequency electromagnetic waves are also a hazard to our health. Not only the central neuron system but also the autoimmune system may be harmed, as well as our cardiovascular system and leukocytes. Medical scholars have noted that low intensity microwave will accelerate the aging of the eye lens, shrink the angle of vision, and cause visual issues.

The projective capacitive touch panel must fulfill the 14 test programs to obtain CE approval:

EMI test portion:
*Voltage Fluctuation & Flicker
*Disturbance Power

The EMS test portion:
*Harmonics and Inter harmonics

The Interference endurance test puts the device into a high electrical frequency environment, and the conducting endurance test directly puts 150K - 80M Hz noise into the power source. The tested device must not have malfunction in performance. Those products that pass the above strictly test are more stable and reliable. An OGS touch panel is a flat and thin device, and it is a big challenge to produce such an OGS touch panel sized 20-inch and larger - a challenge that ordinary small scale manufacturers will find it hard to overcome.

Take a close look at the products that Fortrend produces, and you will notice in them all the global trends: environmental protection, healthier life, and convenience for daily life. Fortrend's management team is egaer to play an even bigger role in the industries, and look forward to seeing more of its products integrated in 1st-tier vendors' products worldwide.

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