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Taiwan Photonics Festival 2015
  • The 2015 Photonics Festival in Taiwan is taking place in Taipei during June 16-18, with more than 500 exhibitors showcasing the latest optoelectronics technologies and development trends from the optoelectronics industries and featuring 1,011 booths to attract more than 30,000 visitors from over 40 countries.

    Last update: Tuesday 16 June 2015 [2 items]

  • Growth rates for LED lighting are increasing, but prices are dropping

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 16, 11:36

    In the face of natural resources being gradually depleted by humans, and the average temperature of the Earth gradually increasing, governments around the world are actively engaging in the development of green energies as well as incorporating equipment that is even more energy-efficient. LED lighting is highly efficient,...

  • A glance at Taiwan photonics industry in 2015

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 16, 11:28

    The photonics industry has a significant influence on future industrial development of both Taiwan and the world. According to data from the ITIS project initiated by the technology division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, of Taiwan industries or products ranked among the world's top three in 2014, production of...

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