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Computex Taipei 2016
  • Computex 2016 will run from May 31-June 4 in Taipei, Taiwan. The show in 2016 will focus on innovations and startups. Computex will have 1,600 exhibitors, occupying over 5,000 booths and will attract over 130,000 visitors.

    Last update: Friday 3 June 2016 [65 items]

  • Embracing the Internet of Things

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 16:17

    Enterprise organizations aren't just talking about the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) anymore, many now see it as core to their strategy. With the potential to streamline and deliver greater time and cost savings to a broad range of enterprise tasks, opportunities for IoT adoption are flourishing. It's...

  • Computex 2016 Mobile Technology Forum arranged by Digitimes

    Next stage of visionary mobile technology development: Virtual reality and IoT

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:51

    We are enjoying all the benefits from different mobile technologies and innovative solutions. Advances in 5G connectivity, virtual reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way telecoms, electronics brands, manufacturing vendors, IC design houses and semiconductor firms think about mobility, while opening...

  • Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone

    Introduction of Software and Integrated Circuit Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Industrial Cluster, Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:50

    Software and Integrated Circuit Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Base of Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone was founded in 2010. Under the guidance and support of the commerce departments of Guangdong and Zhuhai governments, the software and integrated circuit enterprises in the base...

  • iFast smart antenna technology

    LYNwave introduces smart antenna solution

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:48

    Multimedia streaming and IOT connectivity demands are increasing rapidly; therefore, wireless throughput and quality of service are extremely important for user experience. In order to achieve high quality wireless performance for multiple clients within an interference environment, a better wireless radio frequency control...

  • IQ latest solutions

    Teach and learn anywhere anytime with IQ's latest solutions

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:48

    IQ (Returnstar) has been a regular exhibitor at Computex. Computex first took place in 1981, and it has grown with the global ICT industry over the past three decades. Computex is part of the computer age, having witnessed the development and transformation of the tech industry. This year Computex is taking a significant...

  • Rosewill product lines

    Rosewill debuts gaming case and PSU products at Computex 2016

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:47

    Rosewill, a leading manufacturer of PC gaming gear, PC components and consumer electronics, has selected Computex 2016 to unveil the latest additions the company's expanding product lines. Rosewill's booth is located in the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Ground Level (1F) in Components and Parts area, at booth #: J0403a.

  • The highlights from Posiflex at Computex Taipei 2016

    Posiflex highlights next generation POS technology solutions portfolio at Computex 2016

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:46

    Posiflex Technology, Inc., a leading global brand in the design and manufacture of POS solutions and peripherals, will be highlighting its next generation hardware portfolio, including the winner of the Red Dot Award 2016 all-in-one POS, at Computex 2016.

  • Mio MiCor

    Mio unveils its new SmartHome solution at Computex 2016

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 3, 08:45

    Mio, a subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp., is showcasing its comprehensive line of products at Computex Taipei 2016. This year, Mio is happy to announce the extension of its brand into a new territory with a SmartHome product solution, MioSMART, and to showcase the world's first wristband-type cardiac event recorder...

  • Clientron showcasing latest thin client and POS products at Computex

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 14:59

    Clientron Corp., a provider of thin client, POS and embedded systems, is showcasing its latest products with at Computex 2016, including its thin client IT800 with industrial PC quality and R800 for mainstream thin client applications.

  • Gigabyte XTREME GAMING series products

    GIGABYTE to make grand debut of XTREME GAMING at Computex 2016

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 10:38

    GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is set for Computex 2016 with a strong emphasis on gaming. Visitors are invited to embark upon a gaming journey this year with GIGABYTE led by XTREME GAMING.

  • MediaTek leverages mobile advantages

    MediaTek leverages mobile advantages to become technology enabler for IoT

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:10

    The rapid developments of IoT (Internet of Things) have brought new opportunities for silicon vendors. As a leading provider of mobile and TV chipsets, MediaTek has been putting lots of efforts in deploying IoT market over the past years, aiming to leverage its advantages in smartphone market to make inroads into the...

  • AVEXIR announces M100 series SSD, Raiden PCIe M.2 SSD and Green Tesla

    AVEXIR whole new product announcement at Computex 2016

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:08

    AVEXIR Technologies Corp., the world's memory brand in exclusive patented breathing LED & plasma tube technology products, announced new product series at 2016 Computex Taipei, which will bring lighting frenzy again.

  • Conexant's AudioSmart technology enables natural workplace collaboration, informed interactions with intelligent personal assistants

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:07

    Audio and imaging innovation leader Conexant Systems, Inc. is on hand this week at Computex 2016 to highlight their AudioSmart 3.0 product line. These highly-efficient, powerful silicon and software solutions redefine the audio experience for a range of consumer electronics - including tablets and PCs. Today, Conexant...

  • WiMe FlashJumper

    WiMe five-in-one multi-function car starter FlashJumper

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:07

    To address diverse needs of outdoor life and provide leisure activity gear and equipment to bring users fresh experience and convenience, WiMe has launched in 2016 a whole new car starter, FlashJumper, a five-in-one multi-function device that is not only fun but also useful in emergencies.

  • Apple Homekit devices and Opro9 SmartDiaper

    CviLux launches new generation of Apple Homekit devices and Opro9 SmartDiaper

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:06

    CviLux (Opro9 brand) has taken the lead to launch Apple Homekit devices in Taiwan. The first series will be smart outlet and light bulb, and more will come in the future. CviLux has built a foundation to provide iPhone flash drive with encryption function for data protection, so we got approval from Apple to develop and...

  • Elo large-format 70-inch TouchPro catches the eyes of consumers

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:06

    Elo, a leading global supplier of commercial touchscreen solutions, has introduced large format TouchPro Pro-M projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens. The latest Pro-M series will catch the eyes of today's consumers. This series includes the standard 32-inch, 42-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch touchscreens with customized...

  • Hans Rempel, Exosite CEO and co-founder

    Exosite accelerates innovation and business transformation through IoT solutions

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:05

    In a quest to differentiate their businesses, leading semiconductor companies are focusing on developing technologies that enable data-driven applications - such as power reductions, sensor capabilities, mobile smart device features, and Internet connectivity. This combination of technologies is used to create Internet...

  • AIC HA202-PH

    AIC showcases server and storage solutions, unveils global strategies for data center and cloud computing market

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:04

    AIC Inc., a leading player in server and storage solutions industry worldwide, will showcase the whole series of products including server boards, chassis, JBOD, all-flash-array NVMe and high-density storage server at 2016 Computex Taipei (05/31~06/04/2016), on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall. Meanwhile, to demonstrate...

  • Aaron Chen, general manager of sales at DTS Taiwan Branch Office

    DTS shapes immersive premium audio experiences with four leading technologies

    PRESS RELEASES | Jun 2, 09:03

    With over 20 years of development in digital cinema and home theater sound technologies, DTS has been dedicated to bringing consumers premium audio experiences whether at home, in the car, on the move or in the theater. DTS technologies enable smooth and seamless enjoyment during the transition between different use sc...

  • Neural networks

    Artificial intelligence providing superhuman growth for NVIDIA

    OPINIONS | Jun 1, 12:36

    In 2012 Google set off a big bang in the artificial intelligence (AI) community and brought deep learning into the eye of the public when it announced that Andrew Ng and the Google Brain project had taught an army of servers how to recognize cats simply by showing them hours and hours of YouTube videos. This was a milestone...

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