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European market prepares for new all-in-one PC using NextWindow touch screens

Press release, October 8; Rodney Chan, DIGITIMES [Thursday 8 October 2009]

Pleasanton, CA - October 8, 2009 - NextWindow, the market and technology leader in optical touch screens for desktop PCs and large-format displays, today announced that another PC maker will soon begin selling an all-in-one computer with NextWindow touch screens.

Global PC and consumer electronics developer Medion recently announced plans to offer a multi touch-enabled system with a 24-inch screen. Branded the Medion X9613, the all-in-one PC will be available initially in Germany.

All-in-one computers represent a growing segment of the larger PC market. These products combine all hardware and software inside a computer's monitor, and they mainly are desktop systems though some, such as the Medion X9613, can be mounted to a wall.

US-based electronics giants Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) were among the first companies to offer a PC version of the all-in-one computer. Both companies are using optical touch screens from NextWindow in their all-in-ones. Gartner is forecasting the number of all-in-ones shipped (with a screen size greater than 16-inch) will double from 2009 to 2010.

"NextWindow is having success in the all-in-one PC market because optical touch screen technology, which NextWindow helped pioneer, offers the lowest cost and best performance among available technologies," said Al Monro, NextWindow CEO. "We're pleased to see the Medion X9613 come on to the market and we look forward to welcoming several other touch PCs around the time of the launch of Windows 7, with which NextWindow touch screens are fully compatible."

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