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Epicom rolls out WCDMA/HSDPA 3G power amplifiers

Press release; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Monday 24 January 2011]

Taiwan-based Epic Communications (Epicom) has announced a series of WCDMA/HSDPA power amplifiers (PA) for 3G portable devices and mobile phones.

Provided in 3×3mm packages, the new 3G PAs are designed specifically for UMTS/WCDMA frequency bands.

Among the new Epicom PAs, the EPA8100A supports Band 1 (1,920-1,980MHz), EPA8200A for Band 2 (1,850-1,910MHz), EPA8500A for Band 5 (824-849 MHz) and EPA8800A for Band 8 (880-915MHz).

Built using a BiFET manufacturing process, an integration of InGaP bipolar HBT and GaAs pHEMT technologies, all key features and functional blocks of Epicom's new 3G PA are integrated into a single cost-effective chip while delivering impressive performance.

In comparison to 2G or 2.5G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) PAs, 3G PAs require much higher linearity to support high data rate transmission and better power added efficiency (PAE) for longer battery life, Epicom said. The company noted its 3G PAs feature digitally controlled tri-power mode (high, medium, low) operation, and ultra-low quiescent current. The compact form factor includes the required directional coupler and all matching circuits.

The new WCDMA/HSDPA PAs are designed to operate from a single DC supply voltage ranging from 3.2V to 4.2V. At 3.4V-and-above VCC, they achieve 35-40% power added efficiency at 28dBm when operating in high-power mode, 30% in medium-power mode at 18dBm, and greater than 10% power added efficiency in low-power modes at 8-10dBm. No external DC-DC converter is required since the built-in voltage regulators eliminate the need for any external reference voltage.

The PAs also utilize Epicom's patent pending temperature compensation design which provides unprecedented temperature stability from -40-degrees C to +85-degrees C, allowing smartphones, wireless data cards, and other 3G-equipped MIDs such as tablet PCs and e-book readers to operate in extreme environmental conditions.

In addition to 3mm × 3 mm packaged PAs, Epicom also provides these PAs as bare dies to volume SiP module makers for custom module design requirements. Epicom's latest 3G PA engineering samples and EVBs are immediately available per customers' request.

Epicom said it also plans to roll out new PAs for other 3G standards such as TD-SCDMA and CDMA 2000/EV-DO, and 4G standards including LTE and TD-LTE.

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