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Boxlight announces external interactive projector module OutWrite

Press release [Tuesday 8 February 2011]

Belfair, WA (February 3, 2011) Boxlight has announced a new addition to their interactive line of products, the OutWrite. The OutWrite is a projector add-on module that transforms an ordinary projector into an interactive projector. The module attaches easily to any projector and eliminates the need for dismantling or purchasing cumbersome and expensive interactive whiteboards.

The OutWrite uses a CMOS camera, IR wand and pen, and LightPen software, just as the patented and award winning ProjectoWrite interactive projector series. The interactive module was developed for users who want interactivity, but have existing projectors or specific projector requirements. The simplicity of OutWrite enables projector users to interact with their projected image in a matter of moments. The module can be mounted directly onto any existing projector or can be set on a table for portable applications.

"The great thing about the OutWrite is that the user can enjoy interactivity even if they are not ready to purchase a new interactive projector," says Chad Harrison, National Sales Manager for Boxlight. "With tightened budgets, the OutWrite is a great alternative to outfitting a user with new interactive whiteboards or interactive projectors."

With the increase in interactive projectors sales in the industry, the OutWrite gives more users the ability to use the technology. The OutWrite retails for US$699 and is currently shipping from Boxlight's US headquarters.

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