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Epicom's new 3G power amplifier targets TD-SCDMA market

Press release [Wednesday 2 March 2011]

Epic Communications, Inc (Epicom) has announced that it will target China's TD-SCDMA market with its newly released 3G power amplifier (PA) EPA8100A. Epicom's 3G PA products have been successfully validated on several popular 3G cell phone platforms and data cards, and can be directly dropped in and perform with no need to modify its existing PCB layout.

EPA8100A targets all TD-SCDMA/HSDPA platforms and is packaged in industry standard 3mmx3mmx1mm package. It has a built-in 20 dB directional coupler and all matching and biasing circuitries integrated, and is fully compatible with mainstream PAs used in TD-SCDMA mobile phones and data cards from package form factor, pin-out assignments, and performance point of view.

Other than China's TD-SCDMA market, Epicom is also entering other mainstream 3G standards of WCDMA/CDMA and upcoming 4G LTE and TD-LTE, through its use of advanced bipolar/pHEMT integrated wafer fab process. In order to foster its leading position in supplying 3G/4G PAs in Greater China, Epicom will devote both product development efforts and FAE/sales resources to support China's TD-SCDMA market.

Epicom's TD-SCDMA PA features high linearity and output power, high power added efficiency, low quiescent current consumption, ultra-low temperature sensitivity over voltage gain from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C allowing TD-SCDMA equipped smartphones and/or mobile devices to operate in extreme temperature conditions, digitally controlled power mode operation, as well as 100% compatibility with other mainstream 3G PAs but at a much more attractive performance-to-cost ratio. These features plus localized design, manufacturing, and support provide Epicom the advantages in competing with major PA vendors from both US and Japan.

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