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OCZ Deneva SSD adopted by Penguin Computing for servers, workstations

Press release [Tuesday 5 July 2011]

OCZ Technology has announed that its enterprise-class Deneva SSD was selected by Penguin Computing for integration with their servers, workstations and storage solutions.

Penguin Computing chose OCZ Deneva SSDs for their Linux systems to address customers who need access to powerful yet energy-efficient computing, OCZ said. The Deneva series utilizes Sandforce's 1500 processor, delivering superior performance, durability and power efficiency over traditional hard drives.

"Penguin Computing is a leading provider of High Performance and Enterprise Computing solutions for Fortune 500, government and academic customers. Looking for storage efficiency, maximum data throughput and a small operating footprint, more and more of our customers want to take advantage of the benefits SSD based storage technology has to offer," said Charles Wuischpard, CEO at Penguin Computing. "We are excited about our partnership with OCZ that allows us to better address the increasing demand for solid state based storage solutions."

California-based Penguin Computing has specialized in Linux since 1998, concentrating on delivering the best Linux-based user experience through a combination of cluster management software, cutting edge systems and services all designed to dramatically simplify the deployment and management of large pools of servers.

"We are pleased to work alongside Penguin Computing, a leader in the space, on developing cutting-edge SSD solutions for workstations, rackmounted servers, and cluster systems geared for HPC applications," said Richard Singh, CSO at OCZ. "OCZ Deneva SSDs are extremely robust storage products and we are excited that, partnered together, Penguin can deliver SSD appliances for HPC clusters with performance gains and superior total cost of ownership to its enterprise clients."

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