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EgisTec releases UniQXcess, remote file access application on Apple iPad and Android tablet

Press release [Friday 29 July 2011]

EgisTec's sub-brand LiniQue introduced today a new productivity app called UniQXcess. UniQXcess is a fast & secure remote access tool to view and share files from tablet devices. The company developed UniQXcess based on three main principles; fast, easy and secure. With unlimited capacity, users can view files in their PCs from their iPad or Android tablet without any complicated set-up requirements. The only requirement for real-time access is internet connection. Furthermore, there is no risk of data leakage as the files are not stored in the cloud and are automatically AES encrypted throughout the transmission process.

"These days with travel weight restrictions and the convenience of handheld devices, more and more people are leaving their PCs in the office. Most wish they could just turn up for a meeting carrying nothing else but their tablet or iPad." said LiniQue's chief developer. "So, we developed a tool which allows users to access their files remotely via UniQXcess. It's a fast and easy way to view and share files from a remote location. We are confident that this tool will increase convenience, lessen burden and even help busy businessmen all over the world for times when they need to urgently access certain files which have been absent-mindedly left in the office PC."

UniQXcess is unique because it is the world's first remote access tool that doesn't require any complicated IT settings such as the need to contact IP addresses and setup firewalls. Downloaded files can be conveniently stored and shared with family and friends. Session set-up is simple. Users only need to login to their UniQXcess account and view the shared folders. Furthermore, searching for files is easy as they can be sorted by name, date or type.

Since UniQXcess supports multi-device and inter-device usage, users can access many PCs like their home desktop and office notebook from one tablet or use different mobile devices to access a single PC. While online, UniQXcess supports both landscape and portrait mode, full-screen mode or preview mode, along with a smooth pinch-to-zoom interface. Files can also be pre-downloaded for viewing at offline locations at another time.

UniQXcess is currently available for iPad and Android tablet and supports Windows 7 , Windows Vista & Windows XP enabled PCs.

LiniQue website (See iPad, Android, PC version)
LiniQue in the Android marketplace

Key features of UniQXcess include:
• Powerful AES protection with peer-to-peer connection for fast and secure data access.
• Secure remote file access without capacity limitation.
• Auto network handshaking across different networks, including LAN, Wi-Fi and 3G.
• No IP & firewall setup required; just sign-in for instant access.
• Files are organized by name, date or type and can easily be shared via email
• Users can conduct further actions with open-in app support like editing your PowerPoint, Excel or printing the documents.

For more information, please visit the company website.

About LiniQue

LiniQue is a sub-brand created by Egis Technology Inc. (EgisTec), a leading provider for software security applications. The brand is backed by a team of expert developers who have been in the software development industry for many years. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with an office in Hangzhou, China, LiniQue was created with the vision to be a leader in innovative applications in the mobile and tablet market. For more information please visit www.linique.com

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