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LILIN launches world's first full HD 3MP 60M IR IP cameras

Press release [Wednesday 9 November 2011]

LILIN, one of the world's leading providers of IP Video solutions, has announced the release of the IPR-7334/8SX, the World's first full HD 3Megapixel 60m IR IP Cameras.

With Sense-Up Plus technology which provides higher sensitivity in low light conditions, the camera also benefits from an integrated housing with 60m IR illumination. This further maximizes the CMOS sensor sensitivity. The inclusion of 3D noise reduction technology within the camera lowers low-light noise and reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

The IPR-7334/8SX utilizes H.264 compression, providing quality video at less than 3 Mbps bit rate. This can be achieved at 30 FPS at 1080P resolution. A breakthrough in the IP video industry, the LILIN IPR-7334/8SX is designed for the provision of quality images in total darkness in the most demanding environments. For further information please visit

About Merit LILIN Ltd

LILIN is one of the World's largest IP manufacturers offering network video solutions. With 30 years experience, LILIN provides expertise in digital video. LILIN systems can allow a single operator to monitor cameras from anywhere on the network or remote users to access live and recorded video. LILIN operates worldwide with offices in more than 13 countries and partners in more than 20 countries. Founded in 1980, LILIN has more than 600 employees worldwide with UK headquarters located in Milton Keynes.

World's First Full HD 3MP 60M IR IP Cameras (IPR-7334/8SX)

World's First Full HD 3MP 60M IR IP Cameras (IPR-7334/8SX)

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