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Prolight Opto will move into the new plant in January 2012

Press release [Thursday 5 January 2012]

In 2004, Prolight Opto was founded with the goal of promoting solid-state lighting technologies and keeping our beloved Earth evergreen. As one of Taiwan's professional manufacturer in LED packaging, Prolight Opto dedicated its research, development and manufacturing towards producing high reliable middle and high power LED light source.

In recent years, people have become more and more conscious of the environmental issues and carbon emissions, therefore the traditional lighting market is gradually accepting LED light source as an energy saving solution and have made the LED market growing at a rapid rate. In order to satisfy the future demand, Prolight Opto has recently invested billions of dollars to build a new plant. The new facility will not only boost the capacity and provide a more comfortable working environment, but it will also provide a better service to the customers.

Prolight Opto is scheduled to move into the new plant in January, 2012. The capacity will then increase from 30kk to 60kk and about 100 new positions will be created. The new expansion demonstrates the company's confidence in meeting the enormous demand of the future LED market. In addition, Prolight Opto anticipates the new facility will elevate quality and standard in research, development and manufacturing to bring greater value to the customers.

Prolight Opto will move into the new plant.

Prolight Opto will move into the new plant.

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