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GIGABYTE unveils new server and NAS products to diversify its offerings

Press release [Wednesday 6 June 2012]

GIGABYTE server line-up is being completed by adding new motherboards and rack mount units centered on the Intel Xeon E5-2400 and socket 1356. High-end units, based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 and socket 2011 will also be there.

GIGABYTE is mostly known for its innovations concerning motherboards and graphic cards for computers all around the world. Relying on a 26 years-old experience, the company is delivering server and NAS products at the edge of technology for a very reasonable price.

The latest E5-2400 based units are no exception and provide extremely high-value appliances for demanding small and medium businesses. Those motherboards, such as the GA-7PESL or GA-7PCSL are very versatile thanks to the next Intel C602 chipset and can be delivered with an optional SAS support. Appliances such as the GS-R22PD will work on the Intel Xeon E5-2400 associated with the socket 1356 and the chipset Intel C602. It will embed four nodes to swiftly deliver a lot of computing power.

Moreover, GIGABYTE will also showcase a series of its new NAS products with high performance and scalability. GIGABYTE's latest NAS products offer GIGABYTE storage management tool of up to 16TB and delivers an astonishing data throughput beyond 1,000MB per second. GIGABYTE's NAS are built to address the diversified needs from personal to SMBs that require high performance and maximum system uptime to run mission-critical applications.

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