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IRTOUCH Infrared Touchscreen - New Products, New Experience

Press release [Thursday 14 June 2012]

Beijing IRTOUCH Systems Co., Ltd., the world leading touch product provider (Shenzhen Stock Exchange - SZ 300282), attend COMPUTEX Exhibition again and brings a variety of infrared touchscreens, which provide large size touch experience for users.

Following the increasing trend of multi-touch applications, IRTOUCH develops numerous infrared multi-touch screens and shows on COMPUTEX. The products can detect up to 10 points at the same time, while implement the functions like multi-people operation, multi-gestures or touch object shape recognition. IRTOUCH multi-touch products can provide perfect supports to Windows 8 Operating System, offer precision and smooth touch operation for users by performance optimization.

IRTOUCH also launches ultra-thin infrared touchscreen which has the thinnest frame in the world. The product is designed to have ultra-thin and ultra-slim frame through structural innovation and highly integrated system. It simplifies assembly process for system integrators by integrated controller, simple wiring and detachable structure. Slim design brings better look for display devices and thinner frame also improves user experience.

Another highlight on IRTOUCH's booth is large-size touchscreen over 50 inches. It meets the requirements of digital signage, large-size display system, large-size all-in-one touch machine and other industries, with fast response, precise touch, high reliability, free-of-maintenance, and long lifetime. As one of the manufacturers which could produce large and ultra large touchscreens, IRTOUCH could ensure the compliance and consistency of the products and reduce users' risks greatly with complete quality management system and intellectual properties.

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