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Dell SonicWALL launches the Dell SonicWALL Security Portal/Threat Center at Dell World in December

Press release [Monday 7 January 2013]

With today's cyber-attacks becoming more targeted and sophisticated, businesses and individuals need the best possible visibility into the rapidly-changing threat landscape to stay protected. The newly launched Dell Security Portal has been designed to deliver to this need.

It can be accessed by anyone, and includes:
•Threat Center - provides real-time insight into threat information gathered from over one million sensors around the globe. Visitors can cut and dice data in a multitude of ways such as by trending threats, sources of threats, threats by region and country specific threats. This broad insight allows individuals and businesses to be aware of and take action against vulnerabilities specific to their need and location.
•Security Education - a single source which provides access to industry best practices, white papers, and web seminars. Visitors can try and share games to test and improve their security knowledge, access a security blog which some of the best technical minds from around the world contribute to, and participate in webinars to learn about the latest security challenges and solutions

While other sources of cyber threats are available, Dell SonicWALL claims none have the depth and breadth of materials and real-time data as the Dell SonicWALL Security Portal. http://www.sonicwall.com/securityportal.

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