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Fortrend shipped Turn Key to China first licensing partner

Press release [Monday 13 May 2013]

Fortrend Taiwan Scientific Corp. has developed its unique OGS technique, material and equipment ahead of others in the same business and obtained the affirmation from international manufacturers, striving for licensing and technology transfer.

Fortrend shipped Turn Key to China first licensing partner. The equipment includes:
- 2D coaxial optical CCD five-axis image auto registration system screen printing machine
- Programmable, automatic nano and optical level, precision spray line
- In line, programmable, nano and optical level, high temperature, continuous automatical sputtering machine
- Computer controlled, Anti Splinter Film Lamination machine
- Purse, high temperature Flexible Printed Circuit bonding machine
- Programmable, high speed Automatic-Optical-Inspection(AOI) detection line
- Programmable, self-propelled conveyor IR curing line
- Programmable, self-propelled conveyor UV curing line
- Metallurgical Microscope...etc.

The cost of OGS production equipment, which is designed and developed by Fortrend, is one hundred and fifty million US dollars (approximately one seventh cost of a five-generation production line). The investment of factory equipment set-up expense is low yet the annual value of production can reach seven hundred and fifty million. Fortrend also provides prompt service, licenses its patent design and technology of equipment. The investors can substantially reduce the time for development and own the latest technology of touch with extremely short time. Moreover, the selling price of touch panel is the cost of other manufacturers, acceptance of market is high and the investors can reach the break-even point rapidly.

What can Fortrend do for collaborative partners?

1. The planning and set-up for the whole production line, from glass to TP finished products, as well as the hardware and software technology has been integrated.
2. To transfer the technology, share key manufacture technology and material and patent licensing.
3. Staff training, technique development, sales support and assisting collaborative partners to connect with international manufacturers.
4. To establish R&D team and develop new products.

Welcome to be the collaborative partners of Fortrend (http://www.touchpanelpro.com/)

Fortrend shipped Turn Key to China first licensing partner

Fortrend shipped Turn Key to China first licensing partner

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