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Infinet Group builds up a high speed digital laboratory in Hsinchu to deliver pre-compliance testing capability for new generation IC design, Communications and digital video/voice products

Press release [Monday 29 July 2013]

Infinet Group announces the opening of their high speed digital lab in Hsinchu in June 2013 following the operation of its first digital lab in Taipei which was launched in early 2012. Coping with the 10G high speed digital transmission interface test demands which is led by Intel in the market, Infinet Group digital lab offers a fully functional pre-compliance test and measurement environment to help the local Hsinchu region electronic research and development and manufacturing firms develop new generation IC, wireless and communications, and digital voice/video products in global market.

Infinet Group high speed digital lab is equipped with abundant test capacity and technical consultation service addressing the standards for USB 3.0, HDMI, PCI Express, DisplayPort, MIPI, Ethernet, SATA, SAS, MHL, DDR, Thunderbolt as well as impedance component analysis. This lab includes Agilent leading-edge high-end digital test instruments, Wilder Technologies high performance test fixtures, and Infinet high-end RF/Microwave cable adapters to help customers catch the advanced digital application measurement and effectively verify the feasibility of each R&D projects.

CEO of Infinet Group, Paul Yang, stated, "Following our 2012 investment in the first high speed digital lab in Taipei, Infinet Group now opens up a second digital lab in Hsinchu to further expand our service coverage. In addition to the high speed digital test software and hardware instruments, this lab offers global standard test fixtures by Wilder Technologies and Infinet high phase stability RF/Microwave cable adapter set. We are confident in helping customers achieve high speed transmission interface product pre-compliance tests. As we continue to offer easy access, real-time, advanced, and right testing solutions and technical services to our customers, Infinet Group will continue to invest in digital solution offerings, including: expanding our application engineering team, enhancing the test instruments in our labs, and strengthening our product portfolios."

About Infinet Group

Infinet Group is a professional sales channel delivering leading test and measurement solutions in Greater China (Taiwan and China). Established in early 2000, Infinet Group has built a well-established organization in the region with strong sales, engineering, operation management, customer services, logistics, and marketing functions. Infinet Group includes Infinet-Taiwan, Shanghai Infinet Technology, and ATeam Scientific. Infinet Group is a subsidiary of Spirox Corporation (Taiwan Stock Exchange: #3055). More info of Infinet Group-ATeam Scientific digital lab is available at: www.ateams.com.tw

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