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The world's first e-Paper display GPS cycle computer - SporTrek 1170

Press release [Wednesday 11 September 2013]

HOLUX Technology Inc., a manufacturer and professional designer of GPS, is preparing to launch a newly outdoor GPS - SporTrek 1170 with flexible electronic paper display (EPD).

Due to E-paper displays are increasingly being used for other applications. It uses far less power than traditional LCD screens and performs better in bright environments. The E-paper display has been specifically engineered for outdoor GPS applications. The 1.73" curved touch screen of SporTrek 1170 supports a resolution of 320X240 pixels with 16 grey scale levels. The screen contains low power usage, touch design and sunlight readability make ideal for SporTrek 1170. SporTrek 1170 is the world's first e-Paper display outdoor GPS that supports multiple modes for all kinds of outdoor activities. For cycling activities, SporTrek 1170 can show essential information for sportspeople including speed, distance, altitude, time and track log etc. The other helpful GPS function is "Follow Courses". The Follow Course allows users to plan their routes. Cyclists may use the SporTrek 1170 as a tour guide so that can go to a new place for users' adventure with better preparation. Courses can be obtained either from a track log listed in history.

The convenient and stylish outdoor GPS- SporTrek 1170 is designed with lightweight and rugged that meets the needs of its sport and fitness consumers. With shock resistance and IPX7 water resistance built in, the SporTrek 1170 will operate unhindered in any kind of weather.

For more information, please contact HOLUX sales: sales@holux.com; For more HOLUX products details, please refer to HOLUX website: http://www.holux.com/

HOLUX  SporTrek 1170

HOLUX SporTrek 1170

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