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AIC JBOD provides maximum storage and unexpected power savings and flexibility

Press release [Thursday 23 January 2014]

According to research company Gartner, Inc., storage spending is growing almost three times faster than IT budgets as a whole. Impressive growth in storage spending, fueled by relentless demand for more capacity and greater speed, comes at a time when companies of all sizes are striving to significantly cut IT energy costs. Achieving the diverse goals of abundant capacity, high performance, low cost-per-GB and reduced power consumption poses a daunting task for hard disk drive and storage system vendors.

AIC XJ3000-4603S has 4U form factor equipped with 60 3.5" drive carriers supporting SAS or SATA hard disk drives. The maximum storage capacity is up to 240TB when 4TB drives are used. It is the highest density platform ever built for cloud computing. Seagate Constellation ES.3 enterprise drives have the highest performance with PowerChoice technology. PowerChoice technology drive power management delivers the lowest power usage ever offered in an enterprise-class hard drive.

For environments where hard drives are idle more frequently and for longer periods, the benefits of the Constellation family of drives are particularly compelling. The chart 1 is a real case practice with PowerChoice on XJ3000-4603S saving 80% power consumption. The TCO (Total Cost Ownership) with PowerChoice is more significant. The chart 2 is a simulation for 100 units of XJ3000-4603S deployed in different countries. The monthly and annual saving is beneficial to reduce IT spending.

With the ever-tightening IT budgets and growing concerns over both the fiscal and environmental costs of escalating power use, the need for more energy-efficient storage in the enterprise has never been more urgent. Seagate and AIC have responded with XJ3000-4603S featuring enterprise-class Constellation ES.3 hard disk drive with PowerChoice technology delivering the best CP value for could computing.

AIC XJ3000-4603S

AIC XJ3000-4603S featuring Seagate enterprise-class Constellation ES.3 hard disk drive with PowerChoice technology delivering the best CP value for could computing.

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