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Fortrend Liquid Diamond layer provides anti-germ capability 4 times that of untreated glass

Press release [Wednesday 5 March 2014]

Fortrend Liquid Diamond treated glass boasts anti-germ capability - for all environments, both outdoors and indoors - that is four times better than that of untreated glass. The capability was tested by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute (see Test Report below).

The Fortrend-developed anti-germ Liquid Diamond layer treatment prevents germs and viruses from growing, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces like plastic, metal and glass.

It can be used on many different environments and devices: household items, such as glassware, drinking water processors, electrical appliances, air cleaners and air conditioners; bathrooms, where germs could grow fast on toilets, faucets or tiles because of the moistures; 3C products, from keyboards, mobile phone protective glass sheets to tablets, that are indispensable today; the facades of buildings, such as the glass windows, paintings and so forth.

And people's contact with touch panels, a popular man-machine interface, is growing fast. Public health experts have already warned that the number of germs on a touch panel may be 30 times that on a toilet seat. The industry needs to resolve the issues of germ growth on glass, and Fortrend Liquid Diamond is a perfect answer to these issues, providing high added-value to enhance touch panel makers' competitveness.

The Food Industry Research and Development Institute's test report

The Food Industry Research and Development Institute's Test Report

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