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The incredible anti-germ performance of Fortrend Liquid Diamond

Press release [Thursday 8 May 2014]

The Hsinchu-based Food Industry Research and Development Institute on April 28, 2014 released its lab test report on Fortrend Liquid Diamond's anti-germ capability, showing the product's performance is incredibly high.

The test involved a process of planting Escherichia coli BCRC germ per 10,300 CFU/cm2 onto a specimen of Fortrend Liquid Diamond-coated glass and there was a control group of bare glass. They were both put under general household fluorescent lamp light. After 24 hours, the test found only 80.6 germs per cm2 on average remaining on the Fortrend Liquid Diamond-coasted glass. But the bare glass in the control group had a density of germs as high as 7,310 per cm2 on average. The Fortrend Liquid Diamond has an anti-germ performance as high as 98.9%.

The comparion of the two pieces of glass shows that Fortrend Liquid Diamond has incredible anti-germ performance that could be used on various household items and appliances. Applied to tableware, bowls, pans, cups and other cooking and eating utensils, it can restrain germ growth, and even germs that have not been gotten rid of during washing cannot grow on Liquid Diamond. It can also be applied to the interior of refrigerators, bathroom racks, or even moist environments to prevent germ growth. Fortrend Liquid Diamond-coated glass is also ideal for architectural purposes: for both building facades and the interior. Apart from the anti-germ function, it can also reduce UV/electronic waves, elimate odors, make cleaning easy, and even enable self- cleaning, etc. It is a product of multi-function.


Food Industry Research and Development Institute's lab report on Fortrend Liquid Diamond's anti-germ performance

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