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Twinwill produces perfect touch products under the supply chain

Press release [Wednesday 27 August 2014]

Twinwill Optronics Inc (TOI) was founded as an LCD specialist and customized ODM manufacturer in 2001, as the main ODM of LCMs for military and industrial products, in addition to customized modules, TOI recently added Resistive and Capacitive touch module design, manufacturing and optical bonding services. In the future TOI will develop its own IC control and ability of coating and etching to achieve the target of best customization and quality for TOI's customers.

What can TOI do in customization?

High brightness with low reflectivity (outdoor readable), anti-wrestling function, low electromagnetic radiation, special features for resistive and capacitive, write input by finger and pen, water proof, optical bonding, assembling and mechanism design.. etc.

Finding the Blue-Ocean based on gained experience form the most comparative supplier chain.

Different than traditional OEMs, TOI already invests time and funds to build a strong value chain in the fast growing touch panel market, which covers manufacturing processes of coating and etching, to the development of IC control.

TOI's manufacturing ability is able to provide low cost combined with high function products, such as a Capacitive 46"-80" touch panel with 10-point operation, which can be used in applications including industrial and medical.

Follow the Trend; Create the most suitable technology solution that can be integrated.

Creating future trends with experienced work, customization is going to be necessary for any future business model, so TOI is continuing to develop military, industrial, medical, automotive and others products with our strong software and data integration services to make win-win situation for our valuable customers.

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