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Implementing a primary side peak-current-mode half-bridge converter

Company [Friday 3 June 2011]

Peak-current-mode (PCM) half-bridge push-pull power converters are inherently unstable as a result of volt-seconds circuit asymmetry. A proposed approach is sensitive to circuit asymmetry and overload operation. A new PCM half-bridge converter with transformer isolation is proposed. The proposed converter uses an auxiliary winding and two diodes with a modified current sense to obtain pulse-by-pulse PCM control that is effective under both normal and fault operating modes. Therefore, the possibility of magnetic saturation due to circuit operation asymmetry is eliminated. The auxiliary transformer winding consists of a small gauge wire having the same number of turns as the primary winding. Operation of a 120W design was verified and has been deployed on the space station program.

Categories: Semiconductor/Components, Optoelectronics/Green energy | Posted: Jun 3, 10:59 | More info

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