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Kinko Optical sees April revenues decrease

May 7, 20:07

Taiwan-based lens kit maker Kinko Optical on May 7 reported consolidated revenues of NT$377 million (US$12.5 million) for April, slipping 3.79% on month and 13.43% on year, and NT$1.424...

Kinko to expand plastic lens capacity, says paper

Newswatch - Jan 14, 10:55

Kinko Optical started supplying plastic lens kits for PlayStation 4 in July 2013 and will extend such applications to cars, handsets and notebooks in 2014, the Chinese-language Economic...

Largan sees increased October revenues

Nov 7, 11:17

Handset-use lens module maker Largan Precision has reported consolidated revenues of NT$2.923 billion (US$99 million) for October, increasing 10.18% on month and 21.03% on year, and...

Kinko Optical plastic lens kit shipments growing

Sep 9, 11:35

Kinko Optical has extended production from glass optical lens kits to plastic ones, which have been adopted for PlayStation 4's sensing kit PS Eye as well as for web cameras from...

Kinko Optical begins to ship lens components for PS4

Aug 23, 15:06

Taiwan-based optical glass and plastic lens maker Kinko Optical started shipments of lens components to be used in Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) in small volumes in July, with volume...

Game console orders boost Kinko Optical, Newmax July revenues

Aug 8, 11:57

Optical lens makers Kinko Optical and Newmax Technology both enjoyed growth in July consolidated revenues thanks to strong orders for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to...

Kinko Optical to set up plastic lens production capacity, says paper

Newswatch - Jan 21, 16:30

Taiwan-based Kinko Optical will extend production from glass lens pieces to plastic ones by investing NT$1.0 billion (US$34.4 million) to establish plastic lens production lines,...

Optical lens makers report decreases in December revenues

Stockwatch - Jan 8, 10:48

Taiwan-based optical lens makers Asia Optical, Genius Electronic Optical and Kinko Optical have reported significant decreases in their consolidated revenues for December.

Genius Electronic, Kinko post mixed sequential growth in November revenue

Dec 10, 11:16

Genius Electronic Optical and Kinko Optical, two Taiwan-based optical lens makers, saw November consolidated revenues of NT$1.352 billion (US$46.3 million) rising 10.97% on month,...

Kinko Optical October revenues down

Nov 6, 21:27

Optical glass lens maker Kinko Optical saw its consolidated revenues of NT$606 million (US$20.7 million) for October decreasing 19.06% on month and 6.96% on year. January-October...

Kinko August revenues up on month, year

Stockwatch - Sep 7, 14:13

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based optical lens maker, saw its consolidated revenues of NT$683 million (US$22.8 million) for August rise 4.05% on month and 12.05% on year. Revenues for...

Kinko achieves revenue record in July thanks to strong DSLR camera lens orders

Aug 7, 01:35

Taiwan-based optical lens maker Kinko Optical has announced consolidated revenues of NT$656 million (US$21.91 million) for July, a new monthly historical record, mainly benefiting...

Kinko begins to ship MILC lenses to Canon

Jul 31, 12:35

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based maker of optical lens pieces, began shipments of glass lenses for use in MILCs (mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras) to Canon in July, according...

Kinko June revenues down sequentially

Stockwatch - Jul 6, 15:57

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based maker of molded glass optical lenses, on July 6 reported consolidated revenues of NT$585 million (US$19.5 million) for June, slipping 2.14% on month...

Largan, Kinko see slight sequential growth in May revenues

Jun 6, 11:15

Largan Precision, a Taiwan-based maker of lens modules of phone cameras, had consolidated revenues of NT$1.18 billion (US$39.8 million) for May slightly rising by 0.06% on month,...

Asia Optical, Kinko see March revenues up

Apr 9, 15:28

Asia Optical, which makes optical lens kits and digital cameras, and Kinko Optical, which makes optical lenses, had consolidated revenues for March growing by 15.1% and 27.9% respectively...

DSLR camera lenses become major shipment force for Kinko Optical

Mar 15, 01:35

With camera brand vendors including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony aggressively pushing into the DSLR camera and mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) industries, upstream...

Kinko Optical 4Q11 revenues hit record

Jan 9, 10:57

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based maker of optical lens pieces, generated consolidated revenues of NT$1.833 billion (US$60.5 million) in fourth-quarter 2011, a new quarterly record, according...

Kinko breaks ground for factory

Newswatch - Dec 20, 14:42

Kinko Optical, which makes optical lenses, has held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new factory in central Taiwan, according to the Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily...

Kinko November revenues down sequentially

Dec 7, 10:22

Kinko Optical, which makes optical lens pieces, has reported consolidated revenues of NT$603 million (US$20 million) for November, decreasing 7.36% on month but increasing 15.04%...

Kinko October revenues hit record

Nov 7, 10:49

Optical lens kit maker Kinko Optical has reported consolidated revenues of NT$651 million (US$21.5 million) for October, hitting a company record and growing 13.40% sequentially and...

Genius Electronic, Kinko see August revenues increase

Sep 7, 12:01

Lens module maker Genius Electronic Optical and lens kit maker Kinko Optical have reported unaudited consolidated revenues rose to NT$880 million (US$30.3 million) and NT$610 million...

Kinko May revenues highest so far in 2011

Jun 8, 11:00

Kinko Optical, a maker of optical lens kits, has reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$485 million (US$16.8 million) for May, the highest monthly level so far in 2011, growing...

Largan, Kinko see mixed growth in April revenues

May 6, 01:05

Largan Precision and Kinko Optical, two Taiwan-based makers of optical lenses or lens kits, on May 5 reported consolidated revenues for April, with the former seeing on-month and...

Ability Enterprise, Altek see mixed results for March

Apr 8, 12:37

Digital camera maker Ability Enterprise saw March revenues drop 9.85% on year to NT$5.113 billion (US$173 million), while fellow maker Altek's consolidated revenues for the month...

Kinko aims to ship 184 million glass optical lens pieces in 2011

Mar 8, 11:07

Kinko Optical expects to ship 184 million glass optical lens pieces for digital cameras, phone cameras, projectors, and other products in 2011, increasing by 16.5% from 2010, according...

Taiwan upstream supply chain to benefit from increasing Canon DSLR orders

Jan 11, 02:10

Taiwan-based glass lens maker Kinko Optical, benefiting from increasing Canon DSLR camera orders, is expected to see its glass lens shipments in 2011 increasing 16.45% on year to...

Ability Enterprise, Altek, Kinko suffer sequential decreases in December revenues

Jan 10, 13:08

Taiwan-based digital camera ODM/OEMs Ability Enterprise and Altek as well as optical lens kit maker Kinko Optical saw their revenues for December 2010 decrease on month by 36.83%,...

Ability revenues down in November, Kinko hits record

Dec 7, 15:15

Taiwan-based digital camera maker Ability Enterprise saw November revenues decrease slightly both on month and on year, while optical lens kit maker Kinko Optical hit record consolidated...

Largan, Newmax see October 2010 revenues hit records

Nov 8, 13:56

Taiwan-based optical lens kit maker Largan Precision and camera module maker Newmax Technology had October consolidated revenues hitting records for the fifth and third time, respectively,...

Kinko September revenues hit record

Stockwatch - Oct 7, 10:30

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based maker of glass optical lens kits, on October 6 reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$518.8 million (US$16.3 million) for September, hitting...

Three optical lens kit makers see August revenues hit records

Stockwatch - Sep 8, 12:03

Taiwan-based optical lens kit/module makers Kinko Optical, Genius Electronic Optical and Newmax Technology have all reported record consolidated revenues for August.

Kinko expects monthly shipments to Canon to rise to 2.4 million lens pieces in 3Q11

Aug 31, 12:14

Taiwan-based Kinko Optical became a supplier of glass lens kits for use in Canon digital cameras, including DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) models, in January 2010, and expects...

Largan, Asia Optical see growth in July revenues

Aug 6, 10:14

Largan Precision and Asia Optical, two Taiwan-based makers of optical lens kits and lenses, saw their consolidated revenues for July 2010 hit monthly records,according to the compa...

Kinko Optical's June, 2Q10 revenues hit records

Jul 8, 12:27

Kinko Optical, a Taiwan-based maker of glass optical lenses and camera lenses, on July 7 reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$453 million (US$14.1 million) for June, the...

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