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Huawei expanding WiMAX equipment market share in Asia

Feb 23, 14:14

China-based Huawei Technologies continues to expand its share in the Asia Pacific WiMAX market alongside the fast deployment of WiMAX networks in the region, according to industry...

D-Link and Gemtek suffer sequential revenue declines in January

Feb 11, 11:53

Taiwan-based network equipment makers D-Link and Gemtek Technology both saw revenues decline sequentially in January due to seasonal factors and short supplies of some key components,...

Most network equipment makers see January revenues up on year

Feb 9, 12:07

Most Taiwan-based network equipment makers have seen their revenues for January 2010 increase remarkably as compared to a year earlier period buoyed by recovered demand, particularly...

Clearwire slows purchases of WiMAX equipment as it turns to wholesale business

Feb 2, 14:30

US-based WiMAX operator Clearwire has become conservative about its purchases of WiMAX equipment due to changes in the company's operating policy, according to sources at Taiwan WiMAX...

Accton and LG-Nortel form joint venture targeting North America SMB networking device market

Jan 29, 16:12

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Accton Technology has signed an agreement with LG-Nortel to form a network equipment joint venture that will offer voice and data solutions for...

Network equipment maker Hitron looks to revenues of NT$5 billion in 2010

Jan 29, 16:09

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Hitron Technologies expects its revenues to top NT$5 billion (US$156 million) in 2010 compared to NT$4 billion in 2009, buoyed by increasing demand...

Arcadyan sees orders from Europe telecom clients continue into 2Q10

Jan 22, 15:34

Network equipment maker Arcadyan Technology has disclosed that part of orders it has been receiving from clients in Europe will continue to last into the second quarter of 2010.

China market: Push for connection of telecom, broadcasting and Internet networks to create huge demand for equipment

Jan 20, 14:48

The China government's push for the connection of telecommunications, broadcasting and the Internet is likely to create new investment and demand for up to 600-700 billion yuan (US$87.85-102.49...

D-Link completes issuance of NT$2 billion convertible bonds

Newswatch - Jan 15, 10:05

Network equipment maker D-Link has completed the issuance of NT$2 billion (US$62.9 million) worth of domestic convertible bonds with a conversion price set at NT$37.5 per share. The...

Taiwan market: NCC price adjustment proposal may deter carriers from investing, says Nokia Siemens executive

Jan 14, 14:10

The recent proposal by Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) requiring local telecom carriers to lower charges for fixed-line and mobile communication services may hamper...

Accton to set up joint venture with Viettel Telecom in Vietnam

Jan 7, 11:54

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Accton Technology has decided to set up a joint venture (JV) with Viettel Telecom in Vietnam to develop carrier-grade networking equipment targeting...

Network equipment makers eyeing demand driven by cloud computing

Jan 6, 15:02

A number of Taiwan-based network equipment makers plan to expand their production capacity in 2010 as they expect international branded equipment vendors to release more orders to...

VIA launches USB 3.0 hub controller

Jan 5, 16:31

VIA Technologies has unveiled the VIA VL810 SuperSpeed Hub Controller, the industry's first integrated single chip solution to support the higher transfer rates of the new USB 3.0...

Fitel signs WiMAX base station orders with Motorola

Dec 30, 12:09

Taiwan WiMAX licensee First International Telecom (Fitel) has signed a contract with Motorola for the purchase of WiMAX base stations and other equipment for its WiMAX infrastructure...

Network equipment maker AboCom to make handsets for China-based Skyworth Mobile

Dec 23, 11:34

Taiwan-based network equipment maker AboCom Systems will venture into the handset segment and will initially tie up with China-based Skyworth Mobile Communication for the production...

Network equipment makers Cameo and Sercomm announce new investment projects

Dec 21, 14:24

Two Taiwan-based network equipment makers – Cameo Communications and Sercomm – have announced new investment projects.

Taiwan network equipment makers look to strong sales in 1Q10

Dec 16, 16:22

Most Taiwan network equipment makers, including Accton Technology, Alpha Networks, Gemtek Technology and Sercomm, are positive about the business outlook for first-quarter 2010 although...

Taiwan network equipment makers aim to roll out smart grid devices

Dec 15, 14:29

A number of Taiwan-based network equipment makers, including Billion Electric, Edimax Technology, Gemtek Technology and Sercomm, have ventured, or plan to step, into the production...

Network equipment maker Hitron sees high revenues in November

Dec 11, 14:53

Network equipment maker Hitron Technologies saw its revenues grow 25.3% sequentially to NT$411 million (US$12.72 million) in November, the company's highest level so far this year,...

Arcadyan and Alpha Networks November 2009 revenues slightly affected by seasonal factors

Dec 8, 13:51

Network equipment makers Arcadyan Technology and Alpha Networks both saw their revenues decline sequentially in November 2009 due to seasonal effects, according to data released the...

Delta Networks to benefit from HP-3Com acquisition deal, says company president

Newswatch - Nov 27, 15:11

Delta Networks is expected to benefit from Hewlett-Packard's (HP's) acquisition of 3Com as the deal is likely to push HP to move its supply chain for high-end networking equipment...

Gemtek expects revenues to decline 15-20% in 2009 but swing back to growth in 2010

Nov 27, 14:39

Network equipment maker Gemtek Technology expects its revenues to decline 15-20% in 2009 compared to 2008 levels but will return to a growth track in 2010 with 50% of total revenues...

Gemtek chairman Howard Chen showcases an e-book reader

Taiwan makers rushing to femtocell production, expect unit prices to fall below US$100

Nov 27, 14:17

Nearly all major Taiwan-based network equipment makers have ventured into the production of indoor-use femtocells, and some industry sources expect FOB prices of femtocells are likely...

Network equipment makers raising additional funds for business expansion

Nov 23, 12:05

A number of Taiwan-based network equipment makers, including D-Link, Arcadyan Technology and Microelectronics Technology (MTI), are raising additional funds in order to strengthen...

MTI looks to double-digit revenue growth in 4Q09, says CEO

Nov 18, 11:41

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Microelectronics Technology (MTI) expects its revenues to grow by a double-digit rate sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2009 buoyed by increasing...

Taiwan network equipment makers unlikely to be affected by HP-3Com deal

Nov 13, 12:22

Most Taiwan-based network equipment makers have stated that the acquisition deal between Hewlett-Packard (HP) and 3Com is unlikely to cause a shift in orders from 3Com in the short...

Network equipment maker Netronix expanding e-book reader production lines

Nov 12, 14:53

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Netronix will begin to expand its production lines for e-book readers at the end of 2009 instead of the first quarter of 2010 as originally planned...

D-Link swings to profits in 3Q09, says CFO

Nov 5, 11:45

Network equipment maker D-Link has posted net profits of NT$260 million (US$7.98 million) for the third quarter 2009 erasing the over NT$110 million losses recorded in the first half...

Zyxel and MTI suffer losses in 1Q-3Q09

Oct 30, 14:48

Taiwan based network equipment makers Zyxel Communications and Microelectronics Technology (MTI) have both suffered losses for the first three quarters of 2009, according to data...

Sercomm sees net profits double in 3Q09

Oct 29, 14:41

Network equipment maker Sercomm saw its net profits expand 204% sequentially to NT$76 million (US$2.34 million) in the third quarter of 2009, according to a company filing with the...

Asustek expects WiMAX device shipments to gain momentum in 2010

Oct 23, 15:17

Asustek Computer has said it expects shipments of its own-brand WiMAX devices, including data network cards, routers and integrated access devices (IADs) to gain momentum in 2010...

Taiwan WiMAX equipment suppliers to hold talks with potential clients at Broadband Taiwan 2009

Oct 22, 12:19

A number of telecom carriers from India, Russia, Brazil, Bangladesh and other areas are to visit the Broadband Taiwan 2009 trade fair in Taipei from October 26-28. Representatives...

Acer rated as most valuable Taiwan brand in 2009

Oct 19, 11:39

Acer has been given the highest appraised brand value, at US$1.241 billion, of Taiwan-based global brands in 2009, according to a top-20 list announced by the government-sponsored...

Network equipment makers to also benefit from Windows 7 launch, says D-Link CEO

Oct 15, 15:31

In addition to PC makers, network equipment makers are expected to also benefit from the launch of Windows 7 and see their revenues grow in the fourth quarter 2009, according to Tony...

Alpha Networks announces management changes; to begin construction of new plant in China

Oct 13, 12:23

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Alpha Networks has announced that COO Harrison Chang has been appointed as prescient and that the company will begin to build a new plant in Changshu,...

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