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Proscend steps up efforts toward industrial-grade communication products
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Proscend, specializing in industrial-grade niche communication products for years, showcased a full range of industrial cellular routers at Embedded World 2019, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany in February. An IP68 compliant outdoor model that remains operable when completely submerged under water was particularly eye-catching. Proscend also unveiled its independently developed Integrated Service Management System (ISMS), an intelligent cloud-based solution that helps businesses stay on top of machine conditions at all times and troubleshoot remotely when necessary to ensure efficient and continuous operation of IoT applications. Proscend impressed visitors to Embedded World 2019 with its strong hardware and software capabilities.

According to Proscend president Jim Chen, established two decades ago, Proscend bases its business development on solid technological strength and highlights its corporate philosophy of cultivating long-term relationships with customers. This has enabled Proscend to build up presence in the global communication equipment market. Its products are used in major projects around the world, including power plants in Germany, rapid transit systems in France and national railways in Japan. Proscend has also engaged in strategic collaborations with India's largest telecom operator Airtel and thereby gained ground in the India market. With a footprint covering more than 30 countries now, Proscend expects to expand presence to over 60 countries within two years and enter into long-term relationships with partners in Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam with enormous market potential.

Proscend started out focusing on single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line (SHDSL) equipment and rose to become one of the global leaders in the segment, notes Chen. Based on the core xDSL expertise, Proscend then augmented its product portfolio to include VDSL2 P2P, VDSL SFP, Long Reach PoE switches. These products come with unique features and specs and are the reasons why Proscend is able to win market favors. For example, Proscend's Long Reach PoE switch supports 1Km long distance connections as opposed to the 100m transmission range of most conventional Long Reach PoE switches. Featuring a compact size, Proscend's VDSL SFP reliably converts optical equipment into DSL signals which are transmitted over copper cables. It is a niche product that attracts a lot of inquiries.

In view of the fact that xSDL is a mature technology with the market becoming saturated, Proscend foresees existing products such as SHDSL, VDSL2 P2P, VDSL SFP and Long Reach PoE switches will have little room for growth; so five years ago, it began to shift its R&D focus toward industrial cellular routers with promising outlook.

Industrial-level expertise + long-term customer trust spells success

Although the industrial cellular router market already has quite many first movers, Proscend is able to repeatedly beat the competition to iconic projects based on its solid technological strength in providing customized services. Its products have been put to use in several projects in the US, France, Japan and Israel. For example, an overseas customer uses Proscend's industrial cellular routers in security boxes which are installed at remote wilderness areas to monitor endangered species. In response to the need for compact routers by smart surveillance systems that have to accommodate IP cameras and network equipment in their small footprint, Proscend modified its product design through pre-kickoff discussions with the customer. Furthermore, Proscend is also working on diverse customization projects for smart healthcare and smart transportation applications throughout different regions in the world.

Chen emphasizes that on top of its expertise in industrial-grade communication equipment, Proscend engages in cross-industry collaborations to create the right solution. It combines efforts with partners across different industrial sectors in different countries around the world to promote the right solution to the right target group. As part of such efforts, Proscend actively participates in major international show events including Hannover Messe, Embedded World and Smart Cities India Expo to introduce its products and technologies to the world and enhance its corporate image. By taking part in these events, Proscend can tap potential partnership opportunities, which can grow into formal business alliances, helping it penetrate into new markets one after another.

The partnership between Proscend and Indian telecom operator Airtel sets a good example. Every time when Airtel has an idea for a new application service, it first consults Proscend. Then, Proscend either develops the product in house or joins efforts with other Taiwan-based manufacturers to come up with the product that satisfies Airtel's needs. Through long-term collaborations, they have established mutual trust and rapport. Proscend, originally focusing on ODM/OEM manufacturing, has built up presence in India and markets its own brand under its subsidiary Proscend Communications India Private Limited. Enjoying its unique success experience in India, Proscend not only looks forward to duplicating the success to other countries but also welcomes partnerships with fellow Taiwan-based equipment suppliers. Partners can leverage Proscend's established platform as a base for expansion into India and create win-win situations with Proscend.

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