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Bureau Veritas provides comprehensive services for cybersecurity trends, challenges and solutions with 5G and IIoT technologies
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The rapidly growing of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and 5G technologies have brought diverse applications and use cases to change people's everyday life. Beyond data speed improvement, 5G and IIoT with massive connection to push the mission-critical services, it will also open the new windows for widespread cyber-attacks. Recent security research shows that most companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, making them vulnerable to data loss. In light of this, there is a need for governments to setup wide-ranging rules, regulations and standards to prevent devices from becoming an endpoint into a network or a platform for attacks.

On September 11, 2020, Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Service, Electrical & Electronic, Automotive, Wireless (BV CPS E.A.W.), Electrical & Electronic, Automotive, Wireless Taiwan hosted IoT Security and Certification in Taipei City. In this event, BV provided the latest information about the technology dynamics of Cybersecurity and Certification Services. Eva Hsiao, Taiwan Sales Director of Bureau Veritas CPS E.A.W, gave her opening remarks to welcome audiences to attend the event.

Cybersecurity is an essential element to address the security concerns in diverse IIoT landscapes. The technology of cybersecurity will strengthen the robustness of connected devices and cloud services. For protecting the confidentiality and integrity of software program and data in IIoT devices, these flexible solutions will fit the requirements and growing demand of IIoT security and cybersecurity certification. How to effectively implement the cybersecurity to end devices, connectivity of networking and cloud applications will be the key for all manufacturers to scale up the business opportunities.

One stop service for Cybersecurity certification and testing to help manufacturers facing cybersecurity threats and Regulation Conformity

Jim Chiu, Senior Manager of Bureau Veritas CPS E.A.W Taiwan, BV IoT & Professional Electronic Sales Departments, talked about industrial testing and certification services of BV Consumer Product Services. There were two major highlights in his presentation to showcase series of various certification programs: the first part, product testing solution for industrial internet of Things, and the second, cybersecurity solutions for industrial products.

BV provides testing and certification services in industrial sectors. In 2020, there are several key technology topics including 5G, Industrial IoT, V2X connected car, Intelligent Transportation System, next generation of WLAN and Cybersecurity. At the same time, Chiu showed several countries' development status and government policies, plans and regulations in Europe, North America and Japan, specifically designed to support IIoT device makers and certification bodies to establish their own IoT device security certification schemes.

Product testing solutions for IIoT fast engaging the business with industries

The complete offerings of BV one-stop services indicate industrial test, security testing, regulation testing, performance & conformance testing, industrial approval & certification testing. For the booming carrier's services, BV is leveraging its subsidiaries and aligning them with laboratories to drive consistency in product testing, evaluation and validation of telecom services to support Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, T-Mobile and Sigfox.

Moreover, in the 5G sector, BV services are aiming to test further potential vulnerability caused by ramp up multiple smart applications in the 5G era. However, the risk of improper tracking is another key concerns while doing 5G conformance testing and certification solutions.

Apart from telecom careers' conformance testing and operator network acceptance test, in the industrial applications, BV provides service listings in Smart Grid, Railway, Marine, NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) services testing suite of solutions design to conquer the challenges.

Cybersecurity certification services for certifying products do matter

In the second part, Chiu introduced the cybersecurity solutions for industrial products. This is focusing on cybersecurity test and certification services. There are several product offerings and dedicated services providing for various regions. In US, BV provides test Labs for US State Law Requirements for cybersecurity and CTIA security test. In Japan, BV testing service is based on Japan Telecom Law Requirements.

Considering the important payment security, BV has provided EMVCO/VISA Test for certifying contact and contactless chip-enabled devices. Meanwhile, in the Information Security Certification sectors, BV provides the tests based on mainstreaming IEC 27001, ISO 27017/27018 and TISAX Certification and the getting most attention of IEC 62443 certification.

In Europe, both the privacy GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) certification and EuroSmart Verification are hot topics. The services for EU regulations in IoT devices, it includes CE mark for functional safety, RED (Radio Equipment Directive) for protection from fraud, GDPR for privacy data protection and Cybersecurity Act for cybersecurity certification. BV defines 5 levels of IoT security ranging from top to bottom. They are EuroSmart IoT Substantial (highest), BV IoT Class 3, BV IoT Class 2, BV IoT Class 1, P-Scan. For fast responding the market demands, BV provides a complete set of services for customers with cybersecurity that can be compared, cover the coming regulations, state compliance with existing guidelines.

There are currently several states focusing on security laws that will require reasonable security in IoT products. Considering the products requiring high and substantial level of security, Chiou highlighted, BV offers certifications based on worldwide recognized certification schemes. And for consumer electronics products, BV defines its own certification scheme based on recognized standards and guidelines. The last slide, he showed baseline security named IoT ioXt to establish ioXt Alliance to step forward to help define clear cybersecurity specification and how to verify it through strong collaboration among industries and build a safer IoT world.

Regulatory requirement updates for 5G IIoT manufacturers

Ellis Wu, Director of BV CPS E.A.W. Taiwan, Technical Service Division, spoke on the subject of "Regulatory requirement for IIoT manufacturers to follow-up." He talked about 5G technologies from 3GPP R16 standards to drive URLLC and TSN for IIoT expansion addressing new verticals and deployment scenarios. There are several major regulatory information updates for IIoT devices including FCC, CE and Japan, Korea, Taiwan regional updates for responding FCC regulations.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released new updates to further clarify the Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG) procedure. The 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance Procedures v16r09 was just released on August 28, 2020. As a leading testing, inspection and certification solution provider, BV takes bold steps to invest massive testing capacity of 5G NR frequency band of n257, n258, n260 and n261 which comply with FCC Part 30 latest standard requirement. And furthermore, one recent news release highlighted its laboratory in Taiwan has successfully supported client in obtaining the first global 5G NR 39GHz mmWave FCC Grant.

In the EU, there are several new regulations of Radio Equipment Directive (RED) for 5G NR User Equipment released in 2021. They are coming the new regulations of EN 301 908-1 and EN 301 908-25. Both target publish date will be Sep 22 2021 and Jan 15 2022. BV is supporting with advisory or gap analysis service to identify impact.

Carrier approval and conformance Requirement for IoT Industry

Eric Chu, Director of BV CPS E.A.W. Taiwan, Wireless Testing Operation Division, presented "Carrier approval & conformance Requirement for IoT Industry." Today, there are 17 locations with 9 laboratories to support BV customers in Asia region for providing the services for wireless devices. The services are ranging from conformance, OTA performance, regulatory and interoperability test.

5G NR is heading towards a new generation of cellular network. As 5G enables a platform for multiple wireless technologies to collaborate, suppliers of 5G technologies have to overcome a bunch of challenges including signal spectrum, transmission protocol, network compatibility, MIMO technology, device-to-device communication and potential network security and privacy issues that may arise.

In the presentation, he highlighted BV Carriers Service Scope to support major global telecom companies including Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, DOCOMO, T-Mobile and Sigfox. The service of 5G RF/RRM and carrier acceptance inspection tests, BV provides GCF and PTCRB conformance testing using Anritsu's New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR and CATR OTA chambers for testing FR2 bands. In the 5G protocol tests, leveraging Anritsu's ME7834NR test system, BV facilitates the growth of the 5G NR conformance test market and commercial rollout of 5G NR communications services.

EU Cybersecurity Act and IEC 62443: BV brings more added values to customers

Kenny Lee, Technical Manager of Bureau Veritas CPS E.A.W. Taiwan, Technical Service Division talked about "The Most Significant Cybersecurity Standard- IEC 62443 and the EU Cybersecurity Act." In his presentation, he said IIoT device makers are struggling to keep up with rapid changes in techniques and global standards. For protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data in IIoT devices, manufacturers and service providers have to overcome the challenging from more sophisticated and complex attacks and complying with varied safety and security regulations from different countries around the world.

For instance, the EU Cybersecurity Act, published on June 27, 2019, is one of the key actions to respond cybersecurity concerns and address existing certification fragmentation in the certification landscape to reduce costs and administrative burdens for companies and strengthen the digital market. The Act is expected to be effective in 2021.

Eurosmart, a trade association in the field of Digital Security, has been developing its own certification scheme named "Eurosmart IoT Security Certification Scheme" with a focus on the substantial security assurance level. Based on this scheme, it builds up to be fully compliant with the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework. BV is also a member of the Eurosmart. Importantly, at the highest level of Substantial Advanced on the Rating System which is able to provide Eurosmart certificates in order to assist manufacturers faster enter target EU market and make product safer and more transparent to consumers.

The IEC 62443 standard for the security of Industrial Control Systems is suitable for implementing the requirements of the EU Cybersecurity Act. With decades of professional experiences in testing and certification services, BV has developed a complete set of services for cyber certification of products supporting clients by faster solving cybersecurity related problems in order to strength the market competitiveness. Talking about IoT product certification process, BV is combining the process flow of Eurosmart and IEC 62443 4-1 process. Once passed the process flow, BV's customer will grant IECEE and Eurosmart certificates at the same time. The one effort wining double certificates is most welcomed by customers.

Taiwan is the global site of electronics manufacturing services with complete electronics supply chains and a strong foundation of IoT cybersecurity eco-system. This EU Cybersecurity Act will bring a certain impact on Taiwan ICT device makers who want to sell the products to Europe. Taiwan needs its products to meet wide-ranging certification standards implemented by regional markets around the world, which is exactly BV's expertise. BV is now well positioned to support clients with a complete IoT cybersecurity test and certification services aim to help both manufacturers and developers to improve the security of their solutions and products. A complete service for cybersecurity certification, 5G RF/RRM and carrier acceptance inspection testing from BV is ready. These flexible solutions and services will fit the requirements and growing demand of IIoT security and Cybersecurity certification.



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