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  • Lite%2DOn+Tech%27s+sales+increased+in+August
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$13.456 billion (US$456 million) for August, increasing 2.58% sequentially but decreasing 17.70% on year.
  • Lite-On Tech sales decrease in July

    Thursday 13 August 2020
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues reached NT$13.118 billion (US$445 million) in July, decreasing 8.19% sequentially and 14.52% on year.
  • Lite%2DOn+Technology+CEO+Warren+Chen
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has disclosed its second-quarter 2020 gross margin of 19.41%, operating profit margin of 8.72% and profit margin of 8.24% all hit quarterly records.
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+ships+power+supplies+to+major+games+console+vendors
    Lite-On Technology has reportedly become a supplier of power supplies for use in Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) to be launched year-end 2020, according to industry sources.
  • A
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology and LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics have seen sharp growth in demand for UV and IR LED devices, and are poised to expand corresponding...
  • Kioxia+is+set+to+close+its+acquisition+of+Lite%2DOn+Tech%27s+SSD+unit
    Kioxia (renamed from Toshiba Memory) is expected to complete its takeover of Lite-On Technology's SSD business in early July, according to industry sources.
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+may+see+record+profit+in+2020
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology may not see growth for its 2020 consolidated revenues, EPS for the year stands a chance of hitting a record, according to company CEO Warren Chen.
  • Lite%2DOn+is+adjusting+its+global+deployments+in+response+to+the+US%2DChina+trade+war
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology, to cope with the US-China trade disputes, has been adjusting its global deployments, increasing output and capacity at factories outside of China,...
  • Lite%2DOn%27s+sales+dropped+in+May
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$13.717 billion (US$459 million) for May, decreasing 0.22% sequentially and 7.30% on year.
  • Demand+from+China%27s+car+industry+is+recovering
    As China's car market has started picking up gradually since the second half of April, demand for auto-use passive components, diodes and MOSFET devices is expected to grow significantly...
  • Lite%2DOn+has+reported+increased+April+sales
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$13.747 billion (US$456 million) for April, increasing 9.10% sequentially and 1.57% on year.
  • Lite%2DOn+will+expand+capacity+at+all+of+its+five+factories+sites+outside+of+China
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology will expand production capacity in factories outside China, with the proportion of consolidated revenues for these factories to rise from 15% at present...
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+saw+March+sales+recover
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$12.601 billion (US$417 million) for March, increasing 45.34% sequentially but decreasing 14.35% on year.
  • The+transfer+was+oirginally+set+to+complete+on+April+1
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has disclosed it originally planned to transfer its SSD business unit to Kioxia Holdings (renamed from Toshiba Memory) on April 1, 2020, but the Japanese...
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+saw+sales+drop+in+February
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$8.67 billion (US$287 million) for February, decreasing 23.37% sequentially and 20.27% on year.
  • LIte%2DOn+Tech%27s+sales+are+being+boosted+by+demand+from+the+games+console+sector
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology expects shipments for power supplies used in game consoles to gradually rise in second-quarter 2020 and to peak in the second half of the year, according...
  • Lite%2DOn+Technology+CEO+Warren+Chen
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology expects consolidated revenues for the first quarter of 2020 to decrease 20-30% on year due to impact s of the coronavirus outbreak, according to company...
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+is+marketing+its+smart+manufacturing+solutions+in+Latin+America
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology, in view of fast growing development of Industry 4.0 in Latin America, is strengthening promotion of its industrial automation solutions in the market,...
  • Lite%2DOn+monthly+performance
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$11.314 billion (US$375 million) for January, decreasing 21.93% sequentially and 27.51% on year.
  • Kioxia+is+set+to+acquire+Lite%2DOn%27s+SSD+business
    Kioxia (formerly Toshiba Memory) is looking to grow its presence in the market for consumer SSDs through launching a new brand, according to industry sources.
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech%27s+sales+for+2019+dropped
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$14.492 billion (US$481 million) for December, decreasing 3.47% sequentially and 10.20% on year.
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech%27s+sales+declined+on+year+in+November
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$15.013 billion (US$492 million) for November, increasing 2.50% sequentially but decreasing 10.28% on year.
  • Lite-On Tech October revenues decrease

    Tuesday 12 November 2019
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported consolidated revenues of NT$14.646 billion (US$480 million) for October, decreasing 10.86% sequentially and 16.79% on year.
  • Lite%2DOn+Technology+CEO+Warren+Chen+%28front%29
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology released financial report for the third quarter of 2019 at a November 4 investor conference, with net profit of NT$3.109 billion (US$101 million) being...
  • Lite%2DOn+Tech+to+transfer+SSD+business+unit
    EMS provider Lite-On Technology's shareholders have consented to transferring the company's SSD business unit to Solid State Storage Technology, its wholly owned subsidiary, at NT$4.482...
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