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Thursday 30 June 2022
Metaverse Research (5): What metaverse can offer to future generations?
Talking about metaverse, a frequently-asked question is – "What are the use cases of metaverse?" Gaming is the most obvious and frequent-mentioned use case. However, as the technologies progress, metaverse will definitely bring more to our future generations.
Thursday 23 June 2022
Metaverse Research (4): Metaverse version of creator economy is better than your favorite social media apps
Creator economy, defined as the 100+ billion-dollar businesses of independent content creators, has been the pillar of our existing social platforms, generating business opportunities not only for the creator themselves but the employees and partnered brands.
Monday 23 May 2022
Taiwan Taxi provides data-driven, customized services
With 6.5 million users on its app, Taiwan Taxi has moved beyond transport and secured a footing into the service sector. The huge repository of data allows the company to identify cab-hailing hotspots and promote customized services.
Thursday 12 May 2022
BMW deploys Here Technologies' Real-Time Traffic
German automaker BMW is adopting Here Real-Time Traffic by Here Technologies to support its connected navigation services (CNS) and predictive routing to personalize driver's journeys by analyzing driving patterns.
Thursday 5 May 2022
Keysight sees promising demand for 5G mmWave, quantum, AI/ML
US-based Keysight Technologies has offered precision measurement tools for 5G mmWave and satellite device applications, while being engaged in the development for next-generation 6G devices. The company also expects demand for AI/ML, quantum and other emerging technologies to boom starting the second half of 2022, according to David Lo, deputy general manager of field marketing at Keysight Taiwan.
Thursday 14 April 2022
Local developers booming after India's ban on Chinese apps
After nearly two years since India's ban on apps, Indian local developers have successfully filled the gap left by Chinese apps in a market where smartphone users keep growing fast.
Friday 8 April 2022
Tata challenges Amazon and Flipkart with super app launch
Tata Digital published has launched its super app Tata Neu, marking a big step for Tata in developing its digital business in a fast-growing e-commerce market in India.
Monday 14 March 2022
New iPhone SE gnaws away at Android market share
Following the launch of new 5G iPhone SE model, the market is observing whether Apple will dominate the midrange phone segment as it did previously.
Friday 4 March 2022
Samsung posting brisk sales of S22 phones
Samsung Electronics, after launching its flagship smartphone series last month, has reported robust sales following two weeks of pre-orders. The company said it plans to open more stores across Taiwan in 2022.
Thursday 24 February 2022
Southeast Asia: The allure of play-to-earn blockchain games
The blockchain gaming market is worth billions of dollars and Southeast Asia (SEA) is one of its key markets. The concept of play-to-earn has made the virtual gaming world very popular among gamers, which has led to its rapid growth in this region.
Thursday 10 February 2022
Samsung unveils faster, smarter phones and tablets
Samsung Electronics on Feb 9 launched two new flagship series, S22 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets, aiming to consolidate its leadership in the industry.
Friday 28 January 2022
India to explore indigenous mobile OS for self-reliance
As antitrust investigations proceed against Google and Apple, India is planning a home-grown mobile OS that could take on Android and iOS, despite warnings from analysts that many mobile OSs have attempted to compete and have failed.
Tuesday 28 December 2021
Taiwan aims to develop one-stop MaaS app
Taiwan is promoting the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Earlier in 2021, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) authorized a MaaS plan for four counties and cities in Taiwan including Kaohsiung City, Taichung City, Penghu County and Taitung County. MaaS plans already in place in Taiwan include the MeN Go plan in Kaohsuing City, the NT$1280 All Pass in Taipei City and New Taipei City, and the MOTC-developed UMAJI App.
Friday 17 December 2021
Viettel releases bankless mobile payment system
Viettel has launched Viettel Money, a mobile payment service system that allows users to perform transactions offline and without linking to a bank account, according to Vietnamese local media ictnews.
Friday 19 November 2021
ASEAN FinTech firms raise record US$3.5 billion from January to September
FinTech firms in ASEAN have raised a record total of US$3.5 billion from January to September this year, growing more than 300% when compared to the whole year of 2020, according to the latest FinTech in ASEAN 2021 report co-released by United Overseas Bank (UOB), PwC Singapore and Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).
Monday 15 November 2021
NATEA US Taiwan High-Tech Forum: Dawn of new blockchain era
New trends and tech advances are emerging from the horizon of blockchain technology. On the second day (Nov.13th, Taipei time) of the 2021 U.S. Taiwan High-Tech Forum (UTHF) hosted by the North America Taiwanese Engineering and Science Association (NATEA), Blockchain experts including Edward Chang, adjunct professor at Stanford University, Andrew Tang, chair of the executive committee at Draper University, Clara Tsao, founding officer and director of Filecoin Foundation shared insights in new technologies and latest trends.
Thursday 11 November 2021
IOT Factory expands into Asia to seek EaaS partners
Almost six years after its establishment in Europe, Belgian company IOT Factory is paving the way for its future development in Asia, avid for serving the Equipment as a Service (EaaS) market with its strength in IoT applications. The company joined Garage+, an incubation project for startups initiated by the Epoch Foundation, to unlock the door to the Asian IoT market.
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Gaming in Thailand raked in US$1 billion in 2020
Thailand's gaming industry raked in more than US$1 billion in revenue last year amid COVID-19, according to Thailand Business News citing data from NewZoo, with the number of gamers increasing to 32 million in the country.
Friday 8 October 2021
Local and non-local enterprises all optimistic about potential of India
India's huge population and potential economic growth have attracted investments from foreign IT enterprises, such as Samsung, Netflix, and Oppo, while local large enterprise groups such as Tata and Reliance have been pushing for innovations across industries in India with increasing investments as well.
Monday 4 October 2021
China January-August software revenues estimated at over CNY5,971 billion
China's software industry consisting of 40,609 companies generated total revenues of CNY5,971.005 billion (US$921.81 billion) in January-August 2021, growing 20.8% on year, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
Tuesday 7 September 2021
Tech firms switching from mobile payments to loan services in India
Tech companies in India are switching courses from mobile payment to financial services as the Indian authority imposes tight regulations over mobile payment services.
Wednesday 1 September 2021
China, Vietnam see high coverage of mobile payment
Mobile payment services are more commonly used in Asian countries than in other regions in the world. According to Statista's digital market outlook report, China has the highest percentage of mobile payment users in its total population - about 500 million users.
Tuesday 3 August 2021
Views from Taiwan (6): China's smartphone industry is reshuffling
Is there any way out for Huawei, which has been cornered by the US government? It used to be able to ship 200 million handsets a year, and it remains to be seen whether it can make it to 40 million units in 2021. Is Huawei going to give in? Will China let Huawei fight alone? By no means!
Wednesday 28 July 2021
CyberLink expects decreasing revenue share for OEM business
Digital multimedia software developer CyberLink saw second-quarter revenues from the B2B business, which is mainly consisted of bundled software such as PowerDVD for new PCs that come with an ODD, slip 11% on year and expects the corresponding revenue proportion to keep decreasing as global PC demand has started decelerating and ODD's penetration in PCs is dropping, according to company chairman and CEO Jau Huang at a July 27 investor conference.
Monday 26 July 2021
Asian countries see mixed 5G progresses
5G subscriptions are growing at a rate of about one million per day. 5G is expected to become the fastest adopted mobile generation in history, compared to 4G LTE. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 5G subscriptions will reach 580 million, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2021. However, the penetration rate of 5G in Asia still varies greatly from country to country and now many countries are aiming to win in this 5G rollout competition.