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DTF 2014 Embedded Technology Forum
  • The next-generation smart embedded devices that integrate sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), terminal and cloud applications will succeed handsets, tablets and smart TVs to become the driving force for a new wave of the development of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

    Last update: Tuesday 25 February 2014 [6 items]

  • Cc Wu

    The Development and Application Trends of the PCIe Interface Technology in the Industrial Sector

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 25, 10:26

    The speed of NAND flash memory has made a rapid progress. The ONFI v4.0 that is under development will use the 1.2VDDR3 transmission interface technology. Single channel flash transmission rate can reach the speed of 800 MB/s. As a result, solid state drive (SSD) products adopting SATAIII (6Gbps) as the transmission interface...

  • Robert Lee

    Trends of SSD applications in embedded systems

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 24, 14:38

    In the industrial PC market, there is strong demand for high-performance, highly reliable and ruggedized SSDs (solid-state drives). Apacer Technology has overcome SATA III technology barriers and developed the ultra-performance Combo SATA Drive (CSD), and Corepower technology protects data in cache from impact of power...

  • Steven Lin, Technical Manager, Microchip

    Application and Design Trends of Brand New 32bit MCUs for Embedded Connectivity

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 21, 11:09

    Addressing the embedded market's demand for high-performance, energy-saving and connected systems, Microchip has developed solutions basing on the MIPS32 microAptiv core architecture, offering support for high computing power per megahertz, large memory capacity and a wide variety of peripherals. The integrated development...

  • Sandy Chen, Senior Manager of Advantech

    Advantech ARK Fanless Intelligent Systems Accelerate; Time-to-value for Ideal IoT Solutions

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 21, 11:06

    Unlike those of ordinary PCs, industrial PCs' functions and features vary depending on the operating environments and requirements, such as for high performance, 24/7 operation , wide-range working temperatures or voltages, dust-proof and noiselessness. A specialist in industrial computing devices, Advantech offers various...

  • Mozilla Taiwan Marketing Director Michael Hung

    The prospects of the HTML5-based Firefox OS

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 21, 11:05

    With the fast expanding reach of the Internet and the approaching of the era of cloud computing, the HTML5 open platform enables quick development of cross-platform applications, easing concerns that there may be different user experience on different connected devices. Mozilla, known for its Firefox web browser, is also...

  • Foxconn iDSBG (Innovation Digital System Business Group) senior director William Liang

    Foxconn constructs HTML5 smart cross-platform integrating support for eight screens, Internet and cloud

    PRESS RELEASES | Feb 21, 11:04

    The prospects of smart applications, which are needed to serve the purposes of cloud-based networks of sensing devices, IoT (Internet of Things) and terminal devices, have triggered strong interests in Big Data and inspired imaginations of next-generation cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The Foxconn Group...

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