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DAF 2014 Smart City Forum
  • As technologies continue to improve, smart city development has been incorporating structures of the new generation machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).

    Last update: Tuesday 27 May 2014 [16 items]

  • Van Lin, Director of In-Vehicle Computing Product Division at Advantech

    New chapter of smart cities begins with digital logistics and smart vehicle solutions

    PRESS RELEASES | May 27, 11:40

    Smart transportation has seen rapid development, and a variety of connected in-vehicle applications have also emerged. As an example of how complex transportation logistics could be, Van Lin, Director of In-Vehicle Computing Product Division at Advantech, explained how the Munich Airport in Germany must support a variety...

  • CH Wu, Vice President, Intelligent Service Business Group, Advantec

    Smart consumption and service applications for a smart city

    PRESS RELEASES | May 27, 11:38

    As the cloud services and smart city concepts mature, the consumers' shopping behaviors have also gradually been transformed. For retailers, in addition to improving service performances through establishing point of sales (POS) systems, the POS systems have also been transformed from simple sales applications to those...

  • Roger Shyu

    Innovative smart traffic control solutions for building a safer, more convenient urban life

    PRESS RELEASES | May 19, 16:20

    Continued innovations in front-end sensor technology, cloud computing, and cloud service technology within the Internet of Things (IoT) sector have contributed to an increasing amount of related applications that can be successfully adopted in transportation and city traffic control systems. According to Roger Shyu, Manager,...

  • Su Ching-Wei, Chief of Information Management Office, New Taipei City Police Department (NTPD)

    New Taipei City building up technology-enabled safe city with smart police administration

    PRESS RELEASES | May 15, 14:57

    Following the student-led Sunflower protests which lasted about 20 days, most people in Taiwan have come to appreciate the police's hard work on the frontline, as well as the capability of the ever-changing technologies that enabled Internet users to quickly organize demonstrations, adding burdens to police work. The...

  • Men-Feng Wu, Administrative Deputy Minister, MOTC

    The Taoyuan Core Aerotropolis Project Plays a Critical Role in Driving the Golden Decade National Vision

    PRESS RELEASES | May 14, 15:46

    In the past several years, various cities and counties in Taiwan have actively participated in the ICF's Intelligent Community Awards and have continually done well, showing that Taiwan's efforts and accomplishments in building smart cities have won recognition from global experts. The "Taoyuan Core Aerotropolis...

  • Huel-Sheng Tsay

    Plans and innovations for intelligent transport systems

    PRESS RELEASES | May 13, 15:13

    ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) have become an important component of smart cities in recent years. Huel-Sheng Tsay, Commissioner, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government, noted that ITS productively integrate and utilize advanced information technologies, information/communication transfer, electronic...

  • DIGITIMES Smart City Forum

    Designing Roadmap for Smart Cities: Seeking Opportunities for Taiwan's ICT Industry to Drive Structural Transformation through Smart Services

    PRESS RELEASES | May 12, 14:33

    The roadmap to smart cities illustrates that intelligent networking infrastructures connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) can lead to the convergence of next-generation information and communications technologies (ICT), changing ways of life and the environment while creating convenience for residents. The implementation...

  • Colley Hwang, President of DIGITIMES

    Northern Europe demonstrates good example of integrating IT and ICT advantages to help Taiwan become a paragon of smart city development

    PRESS RELEASES | May 12, 12:27

    Northern Europe can be seen as a pioneering region and offers the most successful example of the development of global smart cities. Local governments actively engage in construction projects including informatization, implementing mature unmanned stations, managing offshore construction and developing fjord tunnels....

  • Kevin Wang, Senior Director, NTT Taiwan

    4G Trends and Smart Applications

    PRESS RELEASES | May 9, 14:11

    Improving mobile data communication technology plays a key role in constructing a smart service network in smart cities. Currently, 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile data transfer technology is the most popular. In addition to countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Singapore that have been aggressive in building...

  • Jason Kuo, Advisor, Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA)

    Smart payment tools and innovative applications

    PRESS RELEASES | May 9, 14:10

    Consumer payments have developed from using paper, to magnetic stripe cards, to integrated circuit (IC) cards, and eventually, to chip cards. The evolution from magnetic stripe cards to chip cards is a response by the card issuing agencies to growing consumer concerns about payment safety. Furthermore, moving from chip...

  • Steve Hu, Product Manager, LILIN

    Digital video applications play pivotal role in establishment of smart cities

    PRESS RELEASES | May 9, 14:08

    Committed to providing solutions for customer viewing needs, LILIN has been active in the handheld, cloud, and digital home product spaces for the past couple of years. In 2014, LILIN 's product R&D strategy will be aimed at developing 4K IP cameras as well as 120fps IP cameras, which are both related to various smart...

  • Maggie Shu

    Managing digital documents in the cloud by consolidating information from digital and paper sources

    PRESS RELEASES | May 8, 16:46

    Demand for creating a paperless environment through document digitization has surged. However, Maggie Shu, Sales Manager, Document Imaging, Kodak Alaris Taiwan Ltd., has pointed out that for many documents such as contracts, consent to operation, proof of payment, delivery receipts, insurance contracts, compensation documents,...

  • Wen-Ray Su

    Analysis of the Development of Smart Disaster Prevention Services: The Disaster Prevention Center Plans to Establish a Common Information Sharing Platform

    PRESS RELEASES | May 8, 16:46

    The earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan triggered a subsequent tsunami as well as a nuclear power plant catastrophe. Typhoon Morakot, which struck Taiwan in 2009, passed through northern Taiwan but brought torrential rains to central and southern Taiwan. The major damage as well as loss of life caused...

  • Ruey-Beei Wu

    Solving Urbanization Challenges and Demonstrating General Value with Smart City Development

    PRESS RELEASES | May 8, 16:28

    The themes of the International Smart City Forum in 2014 included 4G, Internet of Things (IoT), and the aerotropolis. According to Ruey-Beei Wu, President, Institute for Information Industry (III), a total of 135MHz of bandwidth for 4G operations was auctioned in Taiwan in 2013, raising NT$110 billion. The government...

  • Tony Hsieh

    Cisco proposes Internet of Everything to create new opportunities for smart city architectures

    PRESS RELEASES | May 7, 13:57

    Although the IoT (Internet of Things) can serve as the foundation for the various services in a smart city, the surge in the number facilities, devices, and sensors that connect to the IoT means that additional requirements for the processing, integration, and exchange of messages are emerging. Cisco has proposed the...

  • Jake Jia

    Vision 2020 - Wireless New Era, Wireless Smart City

    PRESS RELEASES | May 7, 12:16

    The development of smart cities is one of the focuses for Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA). This is because the success of the development lies closely in the development of machine-to-machine (M2M) interfaces and even Internet of Things (IoT) that requires comprehensive integration of the IP...

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