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Siano unveils multi-standard mobile TV chip

Press release, September 8; Meiling Chen, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 9 September 2009]

Siano Mobile Silicon, a mobile digital TV (MDTV) chip maker, has announced the launch of a new multi-standard mobile TV receiver chip, the SMS1230. The SMS1230 supports the major global broadcast mobile TV standards of DVB-T, T-DMB, and ISDB-T, and, in addition, digital radio (DAB/+) and FM Radio. The new receiver chip, exhibiting the best performance in the mobile TV market, is the high-end member of Siano's multi-standard MDTV receiver chip family, which includes also the SMS1150, SMS1130, and the low cost SMS1140, launched earlier this year.

The SMS1230 is a highly integrated, all-CMOS single chip receiver designed for high-end reception of mobile digital TV and radio, at low power consumption.

Exceeding by far the performance requirements of technical specifications such as NORDIG and MBRAI, the SMS1230 has several unique features. Siano's SMS1230 enables reception of DVB-T at speeds of 200 Km/hour; In ISDB-T (deployed in Japan and Brazil); it exhibits extremely high immunity to analog and digital interfering signal. In addition, it supports digital radio - DAB and DAB+ technologies as well as analog FM radio.

A combination of two SMS1230 units operating in harmony supports antenna diversity, which further increases the reception performance.

Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano, commented, "Siano's new high-end SMS1230 is targeting customers that are pursuing top-notch DTV reception performance - reception in extremely tough conditions such as vast distances from the nearest broadcasting tower, or in the presence of very strong interfering signals, or while commuting by car or by train at very high speeds."

"Today Siano has different types of customers with varied classes of mobile devices," said Ronen Jashek, Siano's VP marketing. "With the wide range of Siano's product offering for multi-standard digital TV and radio, we have effective solutions ranging from very low cost USB-TV sticks on one hand, to luxurious, portable TV or car-TV devices on the other hand - as well as everything in between."

The SMS1230 is currently available in sample quantities, while mass volumes will be available starting November this year.

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