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Day4 Energy's licensed manufacturing partner Gebaude-Solarsysteme GmbH of Germany expands product line

Press release, June 29; Jackie Chang, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 29 June 2011]

Day4 Energy Inc. announced the integration of its proprietary process equipment into the existing production line of Gebaude-Solarsysteme GmbH (GSS), a supplier of specialized, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications to begin manufacturing advanced solar modules featuring Day4 DNA Technologies.

GSS is producing modules that use the Day4 DNA PV cell which is delivered to the market through licensed cell manufacturing partners. Day4 DNA PV cells do not require soldering, and virtually eliminate PV cell energy losses after module lamination.

Included in their new product line, GSS's 48 cell multi-crystalline solar PV modules featuring Day4 Energy's patented technologies. Featuring great field performance and high power density, this product line enables GSS to expand its existing roof-integrated product offering and take advantage of strong demand for premium performance PV modules in small to medium size roof top applications throughout Europe. A longtime partner of Day4 Energy and one of Germany's oldest PV companies, GSS is now well positioned to effectively target the high growth market for roof-top installations in Germany and throughout Europe.

"Today, roof-top systems are quickly becoming one of the most important segments of the PV market in Europe," notes Luigi Fusi, managing director of Day4's Global PV module and Project Distribution business. "We have strong demand in our sales channels for Day4 DNA products, particularly 48 cell modules".

Day4 Energy's engineering team completed all required upgrades to the existing module manufacturing facility at GSS in June. With the first production test runs underway, GSS is scheduled to commence commercial volume shipments during the first week of July.

"The integration of Day4 Energy's PV cell lay-up procedure into our existing production line was simple, low cost and our production ramp-up has been flawless." commented Joachim Höhne, Managing Director, GSS.

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