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EverFocus mobile DVR chosen by local government in Penghu

Press release [Monday 16 December 2013]

In order to avoid driving disputes and protect the safety of bus drivers and passengers, Penghu County Public Transportation Office has chosen EverFocus as the surveillance camera provider to install DVRs on their buses. The installation of the security system will served as an evidence provider as well as a crime preventer.

Seven different types of bus models are chosen in this project which makes the installation more challenging. The best place to install the DVR is at the rear-end inside the car; however, passengers are mostly sit in the front of the car, which makes the end of the car vibrates even more. In the long term, the signal line is more likely to disconnect. For the purpose of solving this problem, the M12 connectors are used in this project to make sure the connection is not going to be affected by the vibration of the moving vehicle.

EverFocus EMV800 Mobile DVR is an 8-channel recorder with a 500GB hot-swap drive. It offers CIF resolution at 240 FPS. The H.264 compression technology helps in saving storage space and the dependence on bandwidth without compensating on image quality. With mobile device compatibility, it also supports a GPS function with external GPS receiver, and features a GUI (Graphical User Interface). A built-in 3-axis G-sensor function is available with separate programmable alarm levels for X/Y/Z axis.

EverFocus EMV800 Mobile DVR features multiple interfaces such as 3 USB ports, RS-485, RS-232, GPS port, wired Ethernet, and IR remote control, and also front/rear video connections (RCA or BNC Monitor Output). Using the mobile mounting bracket, the recorder is shock and vibration resistant. Date can be archived via a USB 2.0 port or network interface. The thermostat-controlled heater allows for an extended low temperature range.

EverFocus Mobile DVR

EverFocus Mobile DVR

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