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DTF 2013 CE Summit
  • This forum discusses how companies can develop the latest mobile applications to satisfy consumers' needs of smart and mobile connectivity.

    Last update: Tuesday 30 July 2013 [8 items]

  • Post PC era, crisis or opportunity?

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 30, 15:39

    Founded in Fuzhou, Fujian, Rockchip Electronics has launched a full range of mobile application processor chips – from the single-core CPU/dual-core GPU, to the dual-core CPU/quad-core GPU, and to the quad-core CPU/quad-core GPU. Rockchip has provided overall solutions ranging from chips to SOC software and hardware...

  • A new generation of multi-touch technology for the mass PC market

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 30, 14:59

    A low-cost and high-transmittance multi-touch solution is now available for 11- to 36-inch devices, ranging from ultrabooks to all-in-one (AIO) PCs running Windows 8.

  • The world of applications of wireless capacitive pens: A more refined and delicate pen experience

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 29, 16:37

    PIXCIR Microelectronics, a company focused on capacitive and touch technologies; and Hanvon Technology, a leader in electromagnetic induction pen technology, have cooperated to promote a multi-touch capacitive pen that enables delicate pen writing applications to a variety of mobile devices.

  • It's good to be in touch

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 29, 16:35

    Silver nanowire technology can help reduce the thickness of the conductive layer on touch panels, enhancing the development of flexible panels for new-generation touch applications.

  • Transforming the mobile productivity and gaming experience

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 29, 16:29

    Two HD connectivity standards, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and 60Hz WirelessHD, are revolutionizing the mobile productivity and gaming experience, unleashing the full potential of today's mobile devices.

  • Coolness matters: An equation for low-power mobile SoCs

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 26, 11:07

    After acquiring MIPS in December of 2012, Imagination Technologies simultaneously possesses the four key mobile-platform silicon intellectual property technologies (CPU, GPU, VPU, and RPU) and brings opportunities for the heterogeneous platform integration technology of tomorrow.

  • PCs are not dying, just continuing to evolve

    PRESS RELEASES | Jul 26, 11:04

    News regarding the demise of the PC has been greatly exaggerated. According to statistics, the majority of networked and non-networked consumer applications still run on a PC. It is important to note though, that the trend in devices features and appearance is being recasted, so quality wireless networking capability...

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